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Summer Makeup Tips: Your Makeup Guide For Hot Weather

by Beverly Hills MD

July 02 2020

Wearing makeup in the summertime can mean taking a little extra thought. What kept you looking sharp from dusk to dawn in the cooler months is now sliding across your face before noon. Read on to learn about some amazing summer makeup tips to help keep your makeup looking fresh and beautiful during the hottest months of the year.

Your Summer Makeup Bag: Be Savvy Like A Makeup Artist

Oh, summertime. Long days at the beach, the return of your favorite dresses, plenty of grilling, and… a whole load of sweat. Unfortunately, once the heat turns up, you just can’t escape that last one.


Whether you live in a dry or humid climate, the problem remains the same: How do I keep my makeup from sliding right off?


Luckily, there are some little tips and tricks that makeup professionals have mastered.

Your Complete Skincare And Makeup Routine For Summer: Dos And Don’ts

1. Turn To Lighter Formulations

When you have blemishes and imperfections, a foundation and concealer with full coverage become your dream team. Unfortunately, most just don’t have staying power over the summer months.


makeup foundation | Beverly Hills MDInstead, turn to lighter formulations for summer. These can still be very effective at smoothing your skin tone and hiding blemishes.


Tinted moisturizers have come a long way. They offer light coverage alongside a dewy, natural finish. A good one will help hide basic imperfections, give your skin a subtle glow, and help keep skin well-hydrated. You should definitely look for a tinted moisturizer with an SPF of 15 or above.1


BB creams (Beauty Balm or Blemish Balm) were made for your beach bag – and for boosting the appearance of your skin. They provide more coverage than tinted moisturizers but still offer a natural, summer glow. Some also include a built-in primer along with anti-aging benefits like antioxidants, hydration, and brightening ingredients. You should always select one with full sun coverage.


CC Creams (Color-Correcting Cream) are for those who need even more coverage – which means they’re a little heavier. They’re great for properly disguising imperfections as well as skin tone issues like redness. They’re also wonderful for helping to smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

tinted lip balm | Beverly Hills MD2. Lighten Your Lip Load

When it comes to lip color, summer brings a wealth of vibrant, new summer colors to your makeup bag. However, warm weather already brings plenty of shine. So, switch to either a sheer or matte type of lipstick.


Great lip picks for summer include:


  • Tinted lip balms
  • Sheer lip stains
  • Lip glosses that aren’t too sticky or shiny
  • Lipsticks in shades of baby pink, apricot, orange-red, coral, peach, taupe, and mauve

A simple trick for just a touch of color – color in your entire lips with natural-toned lip liner and top with a slick of lip balm.


Invest in at least one good natural, nude lipstick. It’ll keep you looking flawless whether you’re in the office, at the beach, or out to dinner.

3. Beware Of Waterproof Mascara

mascara | Beverly Hills MD

Mascara runs when you cry, and it will run when you sweat. So many women turn to waterproof mascara during the warmer months. But while waterproof mascara will help you to “save face,” it should only be used on occasion – not every day.


Waterproof mascara has incredible staying power, which means it takes some effort to get it off. This continual stress on your lashes can cause them to become weak or fall out.2

Enter Tubing Mascara

Instead, try out one of the newer “tubing” varieties of mascara. While regular mascara coats lashes with pigment, tubing mascara wraps them in water-resistant, tube-like polymers. The best part? Tubing mascara won’t flake off or smudge throughout the day. To remove, apply some gentle pressure with a little warm water and the tubes will slide right off – no scrubbing necessary. You won’t even need makeup remover.3


In fact, beware of waterproof makeup in general. It may contain strong chemicals to make it waterproof.4 And, you’ll likely need stronger cleansers to remove it.

4. Bronzer

bronzer | Beverly Hills MDBronzer is a fantastic highlighter for any skin tone in summer. Switch out your rosy pink blush and swipe on bronzer for an instant sun-kissed look.


All you need is a quick swipe of the brush across those parts of your face that the sun naturally hits – the temples, cheeks, nose, and chin. The neck is also a good idea, so you don’t end up with a white neck and bronzed face.


You can even apply bronzer to your eyelids as a brightening eyeshadow. Or, swipe a little across your lips for an instant shimmer.

5. If You Need a Full Face, Choose Wisely

If you have a summer big event and you really need some full facial coverage, keep these seven tips in mind:


  • Using a great primer may help. It’s not 100% foolproof, but it can help. Use a foundation primer and an eyeshadow primer for extra grip. Don’t use too much, or your skin will look dull.
  • Choose liquid or gel-based foundation. Liquids or waterproof gels are far more stable than creams when mixed with sweat.
  • Select a “sticky” concealer. That is, look for a concealer with a tacky texture rather than a creamy one.
  • Avoid cream blush or eyeshadow. Stick to a light swipe of powder blush or bronzer powder, and stick to a powder-based eyeshadow. Cheek and eye creams have a habit of melting and sliding.
  • blue eyeliner | Beverly Hills MDSay no to setting powder. Constantly applying translucent powder will only lead to powder build up – which will enhance the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Instead of loose powder, blot your makeup with professional blotting paper.
  • Keep eye makeup liquid-free. Liquid liner has a tendency to run in the heat. Skip the liner, and turn to smoky eyes created with powdery shadows. Smoky palettes of pink, purple, or blue are all headturners. If you still want a hint of eyeliner, then use a little kohl pencil instead.
  • Makeup setting spray. This professional go-to can absolutely help keep your face from melting – but don’t go overboard.5

Should You Apply Sunscreen With Makeup In Summer Months?

Absolutely – and you must. Sunscreen should be part of any good skincare routine, whether you have dry skin or oily skin. It’s non-negotiable.


Luckily, sunscreen is today a popular ingredient in many makeup products. However, if it’s not, just ensure you apply a good mineral-based facial sunscreen in SPF 30 or higher. Do this before you apply any makeup.

summer makeup tips | Beverly Hills MD

Melt-Free Summer Makeup Tips

As any good makeup artist knows, makeup needs to change with the seasons. And that goes beyond colors. Summer can be a really tricky season, as you can’t help but spend more time in the sun and the heat. But you don’t want your makeup sliding off and looking messy.


Hopefully, these summer makeup tips will give you the confidence to attack any event – be it by the pool or at a beautiful summer evening soirée.


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