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Beauty Trends

Spring And Summer Makeup Trends To Try This Year: 2020 Beauty Trends

by Beverly Hills MD

March 31 2020

This year’s spring and summer makeup trends can be summarized with one word: maximalism. If fashion runway shows are any indication, people are ready to experiment and “go big” with neon colors, unique shapes, and bold looks.

Read on to discover spring and summer’s biggest makeup trends with some advice on how you can pull these off at home.

Eye Beauty Trends

spring and summer | Beverly Hills MDEye Makeup In Cool Tones

In the makeup world, warm color palettes have reigned supreme for many years. This may be changing for spring and summer 2020. “Cool” eye colors, particularly soft lilac, cool pinks, and neutral greens, are projected to be a beauty trend this year.

Get the look: You can embrace this trend in a subtle way by swapping out warm tones for cooler tones. If you tend to stick to peachy-pinks, try a wash of soft lilac-pink cream eyeshadow. If you typically use black eyeliner, experiment with cool browns. The key is to make small tonal adjustments that still look neutral and wearable.1,2

Playful Shimmer And Sparkles

Playful, bright, and creative eye makeup was all over the runways for 2020 spring and summer. If you want to adapt the fantastical glitter trend into a look you’ll actually wear, feel free to tone it down a bit and adapt it to your own style.

Get the look: On an otherwise neutral eye, place just a touch of shimmer eyeshadow in the center of your eyelid. The idea is to catch the light and accent your eyes in a playful, yet sophisticated way. For an evening look, experiment with a neutral eye pencil in black that contains just a hint of shimmer.3

glossy eyeshadow | Beverly Hills MDGlossy Eyes

You’re likely familiar with glossy hair and glossy lips. But glossy eyes? Yep, it’s a thing for spring. Applying just a touch of gloss in the form of cream eyeshadow or facial oil can update your look for 2020.

Get the look: Cream eyeshadows tend to have a subtle gloss to them, so you can easily achieve this look by swapping out your powders for creams. You can also try this trick: dab a bit of Aquaphor or face oil on a neutral eyelid for a natural, dewy look.4

Lip Beauty Trends

Lip Liner In Brown Tones

Amid all of the cool tones and bold looks, trend forecasters also spotted a look they are calling “‘90s supermodel glam.” The look includes brown and mauve tones on the eyes and lips and it’s one of the most wearable trends for 2020.5

Get the look: Use a neutral brown-toned lip liner to define your lips. The liner doesn’t have to be brown-brown: dusty rose, sand, and wine tones all lean into this color palette. After you’ve lined your lips, apply a coordinating lip color. Blend the two colors a bit and either leave it matte or top it with gloss if you wish.

Shiny, Glossy Neutral Lips

glossy neutral lip | Beverly Hills MD

After many years of matte, glossy lips are coming back as a beauty trend for spring and summer.

Get the look: If you have a neutral matte color you already love, apply this first and then swipe over it with clear gloss. You can also pick up a new nude or light pink gloss to update your beauty look.6

Red Lips

glossy lips | Beverly Hills MDRed lips are such a classic look that it’s hard to call them a “trend” — but here we are. This spring and summer, bold red lips are likely to be everywhere in the beauty world.

Get the look: Pick up a cool, red-toned lipstick, and apply it evenly over your lips. To ensure your lipstick lasts, pat it with a tissue, tap on loose powder to set it, and cover your lips with another layer of lipstick. For a defined cupid’s bow (that “v” shape in the center of your top lip), first line your lips with a matching liner.7,8

Cheek And Skin Beauty Trends

Dewy, Hydrated Skin

dewy skin | Beverly Hills MDGlowing, dewy skin is one of those make-up trends that looks fresh and (depending on what products you use) is typically great for your skin. Take the opportunity to be generous with serums, face oils, and moisturizers that give your skin a glow.

Get the look: Layer on a mix of moisturizers, cream face highlighters, and oils to give your face a dewy look. Use a setting powder sparingly, skipping over the areas of your face that you want to look glowy. You can also finish off your makeup with a dewy setting spray9

Bold Blush That Makes A Statement

This spring and summer, expect to see people going big with blush on their skin. Normally a subtle afterthought, blush is stepping into center stage.

Get the look: Using your blush brush, swipe on a rosy or peachy color on your cheekbones and all the way up to your temples. For a truly trendy look, perhaps best for a night out, carry the same color all the way up your face onto your eyelids.10

no makeup look | Beverly Hills MD“No Makeup” Makeup

This spring and summer, amidst all the bold looks, you can also expect to see a “less is more” approach when it comes to makeup. Many runways featured models with pared down eye and lip looks, almost making it look like they had on no makeup at all. Almost.11

Get the look: The key to the “no makeup” makeup look is to focus on creating a polished look on your skin while still using a light hand. Cover blemishes and skin tone irregularities with a high quality concealer and foundation. Lightly dust a setting powder over your face, allowing your cheeks and brow bones to remain uncovered. Finish the look with subtle mascara and some high quality lip balm or gloss.

Be Bold This Spring And Summer

summer makeup trends | Beverly Hills MD

If these trends are telling you anything, it may be this: now is the time to try something new. Be bold, unique, and fearless with your makeup looks. For you, that may mean trying a bold new cool-toned eyeliner or it may simply mean switching from peach eyeshadow to a cool pink eyeshadow. Most of these trends can also be played down, hinted at, and adapted for everyday use.

Bottom line: don’t be afraid to stand out and do what makes you feel beautiful. Confidence is always the best beauty look of all.

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