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DIY Beauty

DIY Makeup Storage: Cost Effective Ways To Organize Your Makeup At Home

by Beverly Hills MD

January 22 2020

Making your own makeup storage is a creative and fun way to organize your makeup and other beauty products. Plus, you’ll probably be saving a lot of money as opposed to buying store-bought organizers.

Read on for some smart makeup organizer hacks you can create with household items you may already have at home.

Makeup Organization Ideas Using Inexpensive Gear

Your favorite celebrity makeup artists and beauty vloggers may show off pricey makeup organizer systems you can only dream of, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a vanity that’s just as pretty at a fraction of the cost.

How? Raid your nearest dollar store for household items that can be ingeniously repurposed into makeup storage and organizers. Here are just a few ideas to create your own blogger-worthy makeup display.

  • diy makeup storage | Beverly Hills MDChoose glass or clear plastic vases of varying widths and heights. Fill them with aquarium glass gems or beads, then use them to store your makeup brush collection, mascara and eyeliner, and other long cylindrical makeup items upright.
  • Repurpose napkin holders into palette and compact holders.
  • Flip over small wire baskets and use the holes to store lipsticks, nail polish, and other beauty products that come in tubes.
  • Check the housewares section of stores for cutlery or desk organizers with small compartments. Use them to hold eyeshadow singles, small compacts, or even sample-size products you haven’t gotten around to trying yet.
  • Acrylic or plastic trays can hold pretty gear you’d love to display.
  • Use a cake stand to clear your counter or vanity space. The flat surface can hold perfumes, larger bottles and jars, and small dishes for your jewelry or other tiny everyday items. Some you’ll even be able to spin around.1

One key to making your makeup organizers look stylish is to stick to a clean and uniform look. Select finishes and details (say, glass for a timeless look, or wire and metal for an edgy vibe) that complement each other. This way, your makeup storage will look cohesive once everything’s laid out together.

Make Your Own Magnetic Makeup Board

One popular hack is to make your own magnetic makeup board. The beauty of this organizer is that it frees up your counter space. You’ll also be able to see your collection at a glance, meaning you’re more likely to use what you have and maintain a well-curated collection.

Here’s how to make your own magnetic board.

diy makeup storage | Beverly Hills MDMaterials

  • Sheet metal
  • Materials to affix sheet metal to the surface of your choice (adhesive, wood backing, hooks, etc.)
  • Strong magnets
  • Glue gun and glue sticks
  • Lightweight bins for corralling smaller products
  • Magnetic strip tape


  1. Plan the sizing and placement of the magnetic board. Consider all the makeup you want to mount on the board, check how many bins you’ll need, and check if they’ll all fit into the board you’ve selected.
  2. Choose the palettes or makeup items you want to place magnets on directly, and which ones are better off in the bins you’ll be mounting on the board. This will help you figure out how many magnets you will need.
  3. Get your sheet metal ready. Cover in a thin fabric, paint, or edge with plastic or wood framing. Also plan how you want to mount it.
  4. Glue magnets on the backs of the small plastic bins you’ve selected. Use narrow or long bins for pencils, makeup brushes, and other cylindrical items, and square or wide bins for palettes and bulkier things.
  5. If applying magnets to specific cosmetics, do so now, so you have enough time to let it dry.
  6. Glue magnetic strip tape to one side of your sheet metal. This is a good spot for bobby pins, metal barrettes, and even your tweezers.
  7. Mount the board, and start organizing your makeup.2

Worried about the sturdiness of a magnetic board? You can opt for a peg board instead. Buckets hooked onto the surface can hold a ton of makeup stuff, and caddies and bins mounted on the peg holes make a great makeup brush organizer and palette holder, too.

DIY Nail Polish Rack And Lipstick Holder

vintage makeup tray | Beverly Hills MDDo you love nail polish? Are you a lipstick fiend? You’re going to need a functional way to display and access your vast collection.

Here are a couple of ideas for an impressive makeup organizer perfectly suited for your multitudes of nail polish bottles or lipstick tubes.

  • Tiered cake stands or cupcake displays where you can organize your collection all in one spot
  • Small antique mirrors and photo frames laid flat and used as trays for a vintage, shabby-chic vibe
  • Thrifted or vintage glass apothecary jars

The most popular and practical Pinterest-worthy storage ideas involve a mounted spice rack. Many general merchandise stores will carry several ledge-style spice racks or narrow picture frame ledges you can affix to the wall. As it turns out, they’re the perfect width and size to display your nail polish and lipstick. You can even consider painting or doing a decoupage using mod podge to further personalize your display.3

Use Recycled Jars

It’s always smart to collect jars of various shapes and sizes. Mason jars, jam and jelly jars, and the like can hold your makeup brushes, lippies, and other similar items.

You can even glue or secure a set of jars together, and then lay the grouping on its side (or mount them at an angle) for even easier access to your brushes, cotton balls, and lip gloss tubes.

Get Crafty With Your Makeup Organizing

diy makeup brush holders | Beverly Hills MD


Would you rather spend money on the products instead of the organizers? Do you just want a more cost-effective, environmentally-sustainable way of storing and displaying your makeup? No matter the reason, it’s always fun to get creative and crafty to celebrate your love for all things beauty.

Stay on the lookout for common household items you can repurpose, hold onto supplies and materials you can use to decorate, and make your DIY makeup organizer even prettier and more personalized. Don’t forget to have fun with it.

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