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Here’s some great news: Great skin care doesn’t have to be complicated. Yes, it may feel that way – especially when you’re constantly reading about new products to add to your skin care routine. But no matter what you use, there’s a simple skin care system you can follow.

The best part? It takes just five minutes!

Simple Skin Care Tips: Pre-Prep

One way you can make your skin care routine quicker is by spending a few minutes today reorganizing your products. If your products are all in one place, and they’re easy to grab, you’re going to save a lot more time.

Try arranging everything together on an easy-to-reach shelf next to your sink, or at the very front of the top drawer in your bathroom vanity. Be sure to also keep cotton pads close by, too.

A Simple Skin Care System

Now, order is everything when it comes to a good skin care system. Making sure you use each product in the proper order ensures that each is working to the best of its ability, giving you a clear roadmap for an easy skin care routine.

This is what simple skin care looks like:

Simple Skin Care | Beverly Hills MD1. Cleanser and exfoliant
2. Toner
3. Spot treatment
4. Serum/Facial Oils
5. Eye cream
6. Moisturizer
5. Sunscreen (daytime only)

Though there are several steps, moving through them doesn’t have to take up time. Following this order also helps to ensure that your skin stays nice and damp, allowing you to lock in moisture as you move through each step.

Let’s take a closer look at the key steps in this easy skin care routine.

1. Cleanser/Exfoliant

Start by cleansing your face to lift away makeup, dirt, and impurities. Choose a cleanser that contains a good AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) like lactic acid. These AHAs or BHAs gently loosen the “glue” that holds dead skin cells together without applying pressure to the delicate skin.1

2. Toner

Toners help to balance your skin’s oil and moisture levels. Some toners are medicated to help those who suffer from blemishes, while dry skin versions can contain ingredients which attract more moisture to the skin (humectants). Gently pat toner onto your skin using a cotton pad.

3. Spot Treatment

Spot treatments include products like dark spot correctors or blemish treatments. While it’s usually ideal to wait a few minutes after you apply a spot treatment (before applying your next product), if you don’t have time, most treatments will still deliver good results.

4. Serums and Face Oils

Simple Skin Care | Beverly Hills MDSerums need to be applied before heavier moisturizers, or they won’t fully sink into your skin to deliver results. Pat serum onto your face with your fingertips, and then smooth it out a little – without rubbing.

A good quality serum should absorb very quickly and not leave behind any residue.

5. Eye Cream

Eye cream is the best defense that your delicate eye area has against aging. Apply eye cream to your ring finger and gently tap around the orbital bone (eye socket) until absorbed. Don’t apply directly under your eyes, where the skin is thinnest. The eye cream will naturally migrate to that area and absorb on its own.

6. Moisturizer

Your moisturizer will now seal in all those wonderful beauty products while adding extra hydration. Choose a moisturizer that best suits your skin type. You may also want to choose a heavier moisturizer for the evening. This allows for an extra boost in hydration while you sleep.

7. Sunscreen

If you find a good daytime moisturizer that includes a sunscreen with at least SPF 30, you can drop this step altogether. Otherwise, choose a face-specific sunscreen that’s broad spectrum (blocking both UVA and UVB rays) and has a factor of at least SPF 30. And don’t forget your decolletage!

Simple Skin Care Tips

A simple skin care routine is certainly within your grasp, especially if you follow along with these skin care tips. Line up your bottles and jars in order and you’ll zoom through your routine like a pro.

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