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Unlock Your Skin’s Full Potential

by Beverly Hills MD

June 29 2023

Sometimes, even when you’re using the BEST skincare ingredients possible, you may hit something called a “progress plateau”…


And it might seem like your products are becoming “less effective.”


However, this is definitely NOT the case.


Typically, it’s because your skin is incredibly adaptive… and so it may begin to resist certain ingredients or products over time!


The good news is, you CAN combat it.

In fact, it’s pretty easy to kick your skin out of “resistance mode.”


However, first, you need to confirm whether or not your skin IS stuck in “resistance mode” — so ask yourself if any of the following sounds familiar:


  • Your moisturizers and serums no longer leave your skin feeling as plump and hydrated as they once did
  • Your exfoliants are not seeming to work as effectively,
  • Your skin is lacking radiance and glow
  • You may also notice that you’ve hit a “progress plateau” and that your skin has looked the same (or WORSE) for a few months.


If any of these sound familiar, it’s likely that your skin has entered some stage of “resistance mode.” 


Now, let me get the bad news out of the way:


The cause of this could be anything from the natural aging process, environmental stressors, or simply using the same product for too long.


Frustrating, I know. These things are simply unavoidable!


But when your skin is stuck in this mode, it can be challenging for your products to penetrate the skin and reach the areas where they need to be effective.


So, how can you combat this?


Firstly you should consider adding a more intense exfoliant into your routine — preferably with either alpha-hydroxy acid, beta-hydroxy acid, or a combination of both.


This will help dissolve away any dead skin cells which could be getting between your skin and your products…


Resulting in a more receptive skin barrier that gets the MOST out of all your formulas.


Another simple (and fun!) way to kick your skin out of resistance mode is to switch up your products in your routine!


This actually has a name: skin cycling.


The idea is, if you are routinely swapping your formulas — your skin is forced to “stay on its toes”…


Making it much more difficult to adjust and resist your products.


(Plus, this gives you the chance to keep things FRESH and FUN by trying new formulas… which is what skincare should be all about!)


Luckily BHMD’s product line has something to meet all your skin needs.


Click HERE to check out our entire skincare line and find what works for you!


(Some of our most popular ones include Brighten + Tighten, Deep Wrinkle Filler, and Crepe Correcting Body Complex.)


So basically, it’s totally normal for your skin to plateau…


And luckily, there are steps you can take to help combat it at any age.


Here’s to happy, healthy, youthful-looking skin for YEARS to come!


~The Beverly Hills MD Team 

Beverly Hills MD Dermal Repair Complex


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