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Silk Pillowcase Benefits And Why You Should Be Using One

by Beverly Hills MD

October 08 2019

Sleeping on a pure silk pillowcase can make you feel like royalty. But did you know that it also has many benefits for your skin, hair, and even your overall health?

Read on to learn the many amazing silk pillowcase benefits.

Silk Pillowcase Benefits For Your Skin: Retaining Moisture, Avoiding Chemicals, And More

Cotton is a popular clothing fabric because it’s breathable and able to easily absorb moisture. Here’s the thing: when it comes to your pillowcase, you don’t want it to be absorbent. All that delicious moisture that you just loaded into your skin – by way of lush serums and moisturizing creams – will be sucked right out.

Enter silk. Silk material retains moisture far better than cotton. Ask anyone who’s ever worn a silk shirt during the hottest days of summer and they’ll confirm this fact. But when it comes to pillowcases, this is a great thing. The silk won’t zap the moisture from your skin.1

Silk products are also less likely to contain dyes and chemicals found in other fabrics, including cotton. If you’re considering a silk pillowcase, try to seek out undyed silk pillowcases. Read labels carefully.2

Can A Silk Pillowcase Help With Aging Skin Issues Like Facial Wrinkles, Creases, And Fine Lines?

Another benefit of sleeping on silk is that the extra smooth surface allows skin to slide more freely than cotton. So, you can say farewell to those annoying facial creases you sometimes wake up with.

And with less friction on the face comes a whole host of potential beauty and anti-aging benefits. You’re protecting the delicate skin on your face from physical stress.

Cotton can stretch and pull on the skin, as it doesn’t glide when you move your face around in your sleep. This friction could potentially contribute to the visible signs of aging – like fine lines and wrinkles.

This is particularly true if you like to sleep on your side or your stomach, as your face is constantly rubbing against the pillowcase.

silk pillowcase benefits | Beverly Hills MDAlthough this isn’t a science, dermatologists do agree that silk will, at the very least, prevent those “pillowcase creases” that often stay on your face for hours – and that your skin will feel soft and smooth because it’s retaining more moisture.

Retaining moisture in the skin is in itself a powerful way to help support healthy skin and fight against the visible signs of aging.

Benefits Of A Silk Pillowcase For Your Hair: Natural Fibers For Less Breakage And Fighting Frizzy Hair

The benefits of sleeping on a silk pillowcase don’t just stop with your skin. Many hair professionals swear by silk to limit hair breakage – or to help you retain that perfect blow-out for longer.

Because silk retains moisture in the skin and hair, it’s naturally going to be a great asset against frizz. Frizz is more often than not caused by a lack of moisture in the hair.

Now, it can sometimes seem that the moisture in the air (humidity) has caused your frizz. But your hair was actually dry to start with, and then it desperately sucked in moisture from the air. Which just made things worse – the raised dry hair cuticle was already rough. Now it’s bloated and rough.

So, keeping the hair hydrated with good hair products is key. And sleeping on a silk pillowcase may help retain those products, while also avoiding any further friction on dry, rough hair cuticles.3

And, with better-moisturized hair, and less friction, comes greater protection against hair breakage.

silk pillowcase benefits | Beverly Hills MD

Sensitive Skin, Allergens, Dust Mites, And The Hypoallergenic Properties Of Silk Pillow Cases

Silk may also be an asset to your slumber because it’s hypoallergenic. You see, the silkworm is constantly trying to keep out predators while it spins its silk. So, it produces a protein called sericin. This protein gets woven into the actual silk, and it naturally deters dust mites.

Silk appears to be very successful with people who suffer from sensitive skin or allergies. On the other hand, cotton may make allergy symptoms worse.4

If you suffer from allergies, you should also be washing your bedding regularly, including your silk pillow cover.

Silk is not always machine washable, so read the instructions carefully. If needed, hand wash your silk pillowcase separately.

Speaking of sensitivities, women who are suffering from hot flashes also often find relief, and a better night’s sleep, with silk pillowcases. This is because silk has a wonderful natural “coolness” and a silky, cold pillowcase can feel relieving to hot flashes.

A Silk Solution For A Good Night’s Sleep

When it comes to effective skin care, your bedding really does matter.

When seeking out silk pillowcases, look for a hidden zipper. This will help ensure that the pillow stays in place within the pillowcase without too much slipping.

silk pillowcase benefits | Beverly Hills MDYou might also want to consider a fabric called charmeuse, a type of satin silk. It’s sometimes made from a synthetic-like polyester, so you’ll want to make sure you go for silk charmeuse. Silk charmeuse is more expensive than standard silk, but it’s extra delicate and soft.

Finally, if you travel a lot, or just prefer to wear an eye mask to bed, here’s some good news – eye masks also come in silk. And if you really want to splurge, grab silk pillowcases and silk sheets.

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