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DIY Beauty

Best Clay Mask for Your Skin Type

by Beverly Hills MD

January 28 2019

A facial mask is one of the best things you can do for your face, and the concept’s been around for centuries. Early masks were simply mud, or clay, which contained many beneficial minerals. Today, the clay mask is making a real comeback – and for good reason.

Clay benefits are plentiful, offering a way to infuse minerals into the skin through various forms of natural clay. And it’s not just the minerals that should be getting all the kudos.

Clay masks also contain other incredible properties – such as an ability to absorb oils and toxins.

So, what is the best clay for face masks? Well, that all depends on your skin type. But there’s an ideal clay mask that’s perfect for everyone. You just need to know where to start.

Here are some great options.

Best Clay Mask For All Skin Types

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is wonderful for all skin types. It’s formed from volcanic ash, and it is a great starting point if you’re new to the world of clay masks.

Clay Mask | Beverly Hills MDNow, bentonite’s number one skill is its amazing absorption capabilities. This clay can help pull out excess oils and impurities from the skin with ease. It’s also renowned for its skin calming abilities – bentonite clay can help soothe everything from diaper rash to damaged skin.1

So, whether your skin is dry, oily, or sensitive, a bentonite clay mask is a really good all-around clay choice for your skin.

Best Clay Mask For Oily Skin

Fuller’s Earth Clay

Clay Mask | Beverly Hills MDFuller’s earth is a very fine, volcanic clay that’s often recommended for oily skin types because of its super absorption powers. But, the clay benefits here are not just a beauty secret.

Turns out, Fuller’s earth has been used in commercial industries for years to absorb impurities and color from fats, greases, and oils.2 Because of this effect, it’s not only a popular pick for oily skin, but also for those seeking to target skin color hyperpigmentation.

Due to Fuller’s earth’s exceptional absorption powers, it may be far too drying for dry or mature skin.

Best Clay Mask For Sensitive Skin

Kaolin Clay

Clay Mask | Beverly Hills MDKaolin clay masks come in a variety of bright colors, including yellow, red, and even pink, but you’ll find that white kaolin clay is the finest and gentlest kind, making it a top pick for sensitive skins.

Now, kaolin white clay for skin is not a new thing. It’s been used for hundreds of years across Asia as a skincare ingredient. White kaolin clay isn’t quite as powerfully absorbent as the previous clays mentioned. Instead, it lends itself to softening and mildly exfoliating the skin.3

Fun Fact: Kaolin clay is sometimes known as China clay, as it’s long been an essential ingredient in the making of fine china and porcelain.4

French Green Clay

Clay Mask | Beverly Hills MDAlso known as sea clay, French green clay is another clay favorite for sensitive skin. This clay should always be green, as it contains decomposed plant materials, like kelp and algae, alongside iron oxides. Grey-green toned clays are considered much less effective.5

French green clay is very absorbent, so it’s wonderful for oily skin. And in addition to its detoxifying abilities, it’s also been shown to have some fabulous healing properties, including some pretty impressive antibacterial abilities.6

Try French green clay on skin that is inflamed, breakout-prone, or just plain sensitive.

Best Clay Mask For Dry or Aging Skin

Rhassoul Clay

A Moroccan clay, Rhassoul clay (a.k.a Ghassoul clay) is rich in magnesium.7 And magnesium is a miraculous mineral for skin, especially for dry or itchy skin. Studies suggest magnesium-rich salts can help boost the skin’s barrier function, enhance skin hydration, and reduce skin roughness.8

Clay Mask | Beverly Hills MDRhassoul clay is the clay you turn to when you seek silkier, more moisturized skin. Like all of these clays, it also has absorbent properties that will soak up impurities – but without leaving your skin dry.

This clay is even a nice choice for absorbing excess product build-up in your hair, leaving it with more body and life.

Clay Benefits: Best Clay Masks

If you’re looking for the best clay mask for your skin, look no further than these five wonderful clays. Clay benefits have been revered for centuries, and they can help your complexion look radiant.

Now, the best clay mask will always be whatever your skin decides that it loves, so have a play, and see what leaves your skin feeling brighter, clearer, and more refreshed.

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