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Beauty Trends

Stylish Scarf Tying: Different Ways To Wear And Wrap

by Beverly Hills MD

October 22 2019

No matter the decade, a simple stylish scarf accessory has never gone out of fashion. Be it a thin silk scarf or a thick wooly scarf, sporting an elegantly tied scarf isn’t as hard as it may seem. Check out these fashionable step-by-step scarf tying techniques that anyone can pull off.

Learn To Tie A Scarf The Easy Way: Traditional Scarf Tying Styles

Traditional scarf tying may make you think of icons like Grace Kelly or Jackie O. Both of whom really knew how to tie a classic silk scarf.

Silk scarves are great for upping your style factor. And though they’re not used for warmth, they can certainly keep your neck protected from a breeze.

Here are a couple of classic scarf tying techniques for an iconic Hollywood style.

The French Twist

A Parisienne classic neckerchief pairs beautifully with any ensemble. Try it with a shirt and skinny jeans or a stylish dress.

  1. Fold your silk scarf into a triangle fold
  2. Have it draped so the large point faces forward around your neck
  3. Cross the ends at the back of your neck and loop back around to the front
  4. Tie a double knot, and off-set the neck knot slightly to one side.
scarf tying | Beverly Hills MD

Image courtesy of Who What Wear

The Choker

The choker gives you less bulk around your neck and more length in your scarf down the front.

  1. Fold silk scarf into a triangle
  2. Then fold scarf up completely into one long piece.
  3. Drape loosely around your neck, then wrap once completely around your neck
  4. Tie a knot in the scarf beneath your chin
  5. Off-set knot slightly to one side
  6. Let the long skinny ends hang loose

Fall Wardrobe Trends: Keep Your Neck Warm With Stylish Scarf Tying

With the changing season comes a change in temperature. And, though you may not need to “rug up” entirely against the elements yet, a good scarf can help to keep your neck warm.

But just bundling a scarf around your neck is boring. Let’s add some style.

The Bunny Ear

  1. Take a warm scarf and drape it over your shoulders
  2. Then pull it so that one end is much longer than the other
  3. Now loop that longer end around your neck twice
  4. Take the end that you looped around your neck and pull through the second loop
  5. Try tying a knot using both ends of the scarf and off-set it slightly to one side
  6. Now pull those loops forward so that they hide the knot but you can still see the long hanging “bunny ear” pieces.

The Blanket Scarf

A popular warm scarf that many people own today is a blanket scarf. Rather than being a long, skinny scarf, it’s oversized and usually in the shape of a square. So how can you wear one with style? Here’s how.

  1. Simply gather your square scarf together to make it long and thin, momentarily
  2. Drape it around your neck
  3. Pull it so that one end is longer than the other
  4. Wrap the longer end around your neck once, leaving a nice thick loop of the scarf at the front. You can fan this out any way that you please.
  5. Bring that longer end through the loop in front to hold it in place

scarf tying | Beverly Hills MD

The Shawl

This may sound super basic but it’s a classic and also perfect for a blanket scarf.

One step: Loosely drape the scarf over your shoulders and let it hang.

More Ways To Wear A Scarf

Styling your wardrobe with a scarf isn’t limited to neck wrapping. Here are a few other perfectly stylish ideas…

The Head Scarf

There are many, many ways you can tie a scarf around your head, but here are just a couple.

1. The Rosette

  1. Take a large square silk scarf and fold into a large triangle
  2. Place the folded edge of the scarf to your forehead
  3. Gather all the loose ends and bring them to one side of your head
  4. Twist these pieces together tightly
  5. scarf tying | Beverly Hills MDThen wrap twist into a bun (like you’d do with your hair) on one side of your head
  6. Secure by feeding the loose end through the bun (rosette)

2. The Grace Kelly

  1. Take a large silk scarf and fold into a triangle
  2. Place the folded side up a little on the top of your head, without being too low over your forehead.
  3. You’ll want some of your hair to still show.
  4. Cross the long ends under your chin, bring the ends to the back of your neck.
  5. Tie knot of your scarf off-center toward one of your ears
  6. Throw on some big sunglasses and a swipe of red lipstick and you’re ready for your close-up

The Wrist Wrap

  1. Fold a scarf diagonally into a triangle, then roll into your desired width
  2. Wrap twice around your wrist – either in one spot or create more length up to your wrist.
  3. Tie a knot to secure

The Belted Scarf

scarf tying | Beverly Hills MD

Image courtesy of MaiTai’s Picture Book

This can look really great with a pair of jeans, or add some extra style to a dress, or shirt and skirt ensemble.

For jeans: simply fold your scarf into a long band and thread through your belt loops. Then knot off-center at the front.

To sass up a dress or skirt: fold a scarf to your desired belt thickness and wrap around your waist. Either tie your scarf knot off-center and let the ends hang, or tie a large bow.

Make A Fashion Impact And Tie A Scarf This Season

The beauty of wearing scarves is that they come in so many colors, textures, and prints. You can spice up your look by throwing, say, a colorful printed scarf onto a monochromatic outfit.

And scarves aren’t just for women. How about a scarf for men this season? Men look fantastic, and ultra-stylish, with a scarf. Drape a warm woolen blanket scarf loosely around your neck and pair with a leather jacket. Or knot a bandana-style scarf with a classic white tee.

So, why not wrap a scarf this season? It’s far cheaper than getting a whole new wardrobe and you can mix it up differently every day.

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