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Amazing Rose Water Skin Benefits

by Beverly Hills MD

October 15 2019

With the many different skin care trends rising in and falling out of popularity, you may be thinking about trying something new. Skincare products specially-formulated with rose water may be your new best friend.

Read on to learn more about those special rose water skin benefits.

Your Skin And Hair Health: What Are Some Rose Water Benefits?

Rose water is often used cosmetically to support your skin and hair health. Since it has a long history of usage, there’s no question rose water can have positive effects on skin and hair alike.

Derived from rose petals soaked in water, this natural elixir may help with redness and skin discomfort.1
In addition, rose water might be able to help with:

  • rose water skin benefits | Beverly Hills MDBalancing oils in the skin
  • Minimizing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Balancing puffy, uncomfortable skin
  • Hydrating skin and hair
  • Fighting the effects of free radicals (rose water contains a number of powerful antioxidants)2

Adding Rose Water To Your Skincare Routine

Rose water can be a natural and effective way to cleanse and hydrate the skin, protect the skin from daily damage, and even help with the appearance of dark spots.

This is especially true when paired with other powerful ingredients such as aloe vera and glycerin. Look for skincare products that are specially formulated with rose water.

A rose water mist can be a great way to hydrate and tone on the go.

You can also use it before applying makeup as a primer, or after applying makeup for some extra hydration and a fresh look.

If you wish to spray it on the ends of your hair as well, it will likely have similar benefits.Consult with your hairstylist if you have concerns.

rose water skin benefits | Beverly Hills MD

Rose Water Skin And Hair Benefits

Rose water is an extremely versatile and natural option for supporting the health of your skin.
Although rose water is great for all skin types, including sensitive, consult with your dermatologist first if you have any questions or concerns.

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