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Daily Hair Care: What Are The Pros And Cons Of Dry Shampoo?

by Beverly Hills MD

June 11 2020

While dry shampoo may have often come to your rescue after particularly sweaty sessions at the gym or between salon blowouts, does using this waterless shampoo product actually do your hair more harm than good?


Read more to see exactly what dry shampoo does, how it measures up against your regular shampoo, and how to use this waterless shampoo product properly.

What Is Dry Shampoo?

Whether you’re using a powder dry shampoo or foam dry shampoo product, the aim is the same: to reduce grease and oil naturally produced by the hair follicles in the scalp using a starch or alcohol component.1


pros and cons of dry shampoo | Beverly Hills MDSimilar to regular shampoo, it sops up the grease that makes your hair look dirty and flat at the roots, helping give your hair a literal lift. Some fragranced variants of dry shampoo can also freshen up your locks in more ways than one.


But unlike your real shampoo, it doesn’t actually cleanse your hair at all. It simply gives your hair a fresher appearance since you’ve rid the roots of oil and sweat. However, it doesn’t function as a real, sudsy shampoo does.


However, there’s definitely a place for this type of shampoo in your hair care routine.

Save Time, Money, And Simplify Your Hair Care Routine: The Pros Of Dry Shampoo

There are certain situations and types of hair that definitely benefit from dry shampoo. Since you don’t have to actually wet your hair to make it appear cleaner, you can space your regular shampoos apart without sacrificing the appearance and volume of your hair. Shampooing less often may have some specific benefits including:


  • Extend the life of your colored hair, since excessive shampooing can fade hair color or dye much faster
  • Reduce your reliance on heat styling products and, since you won’t have to blow dry or straighten your hair as much you usually do, this can help alleviate damage on your locks
  • Maintain the appearance of styled or blown-out hair for longer2

These factors can certainly help you save both time and money spent at the salon.

Dry Shampoo Is Perfect For Busy People On The Go

hair care | Beverly Hills MDSince it can degrease hair in a hurry without water, dry shampoo can be a good hair care product to have on hand if you go to the gym a lot or travel often. Many brands (like Batiste dry shampoo) offer travel-sized dry shampoo bottles perfect for this purpose.


While it may seem like the perfect hair product, it must be noted that dry shampoo can also impact your hair in ways you might not want.

No Substitute For Washing Hair: The Cons Of Dry Shampoo

It must be reiterated that while dry shampoo can certainly help resolve excessive scalp oiliness temporarily, it doesn’t contain any cleansing agents able to rid your hair and scalp of chemicals and pollutants. Your scalp and hair still need regular shampoo to help remove bacteria, resolve product residue, and maintain overall healthy hair and scalp.3

Dry Shampoo Residue Or Buildup Can Cause Dry Hair Or Dandruff

dandruff | Beverly Hills MDNot only can’t dry shampoo remove any residue from other styling products or flakes caused by natural yeast production on the scalp, but it may also aggravate the condition of your scalp. When used too often or incorrectly, dry shampoo could leave its own residue behind on your scalp, clogging up your hair follicles and potentially causing dandruff.4


Dry hair and brittle locks are also an inevitable result of too much dry shampoo, since your scalp does need natural oils to keep hair hydrated and healthy. This is why experts recommend using dry shampoo responsibly; don’t use it every day, and make sure you observe your scalp for signs of inflammation, dandruff, or irritation.5

How To Use Dry Shampoo: Tips And Tricks

pros and cons of dry shampoo | Beverly Hills MD

Dry shampoo can take some getting used to, and it’s best to perfect your technique to get the best results. Whether you’re dealing with a powder formula or an aerosolized one, here are some tips to make the best use of your dry shampoo product.

Don’t Spray Too Close Or Too Much

If using an aerosol or foam dry shampoo, make sure you shake the bottle well before use. Hold the canister no less than four inches away from your roots, and make sure to spray a thin, even layer across your roots to make sure you aren’t overloading your scalp in just one area. You can always comb through after and distribute the product well.6

Find One That Fits Your Hair Color

hair products | Beverly Hills MDLighter-haired ladies can often get away with cornstarch, baking soda, or even baby powder in a pinch, but dark hair doesn’t tolerate these pale powders well. If you have dark hair, it’s best to find a dry shampoo product that’s tinted to suit your roots.

Don’t Rush The Process

While it’s used exactly for the purpose of saving time, you can’t spray and call it a day. Let the product sit for a few minutes on your scalp to make sure it sops up the oil on your roots. You can also comb through or massage the powder or foam into your scalp for better coverage.7

Complement With A Coconut Oil Hair Mask

hair mask | Beverly Hills MDIf you’ve noticed lackluster locks as a result of overusing dry shampoo, try to revitalize your hair with a weekly application of a DIY coconut oil mask. Coconut oil contains properties that can help replenish moisture and strengthen strands – which is perfect if you feel your hair has gotten dry and frizzy from too much dry shampoo.8


Simply stir together a tablespoon each of raw honey and coconut oil over low heat and mix until smooth. Cool mixture down, then spray or drip evenly over your hair strands. Leave on for 40 minutes before rinsing in the shower, then shampoo and condition your hair as usual.9


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