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$179.00 • 1 Set

Power Duo Set

Unlock your skin’s full ‘youth potential’ with this dynamic combo! Our award-winning collagen supplement and ultra-targeted polypeptide serum are the perfect pair to help skin look firm, bouncy, and youthful.

Set Includes:

  • Dermal Repair Complex™
  • Rejuv-GH Timeless Beauty Concentrate™

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.


Price: $257.00 (Save $78.00)


Price: $257.00 (Save $181.00)
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Power Duo Set

1 • $179.00
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Set Includes

(1104 Reviews)

Dermal Repair Complex™

Dermal Repair Complex is a dietary supplement that works to revitalize skin from the inside out. Formulated using a blend of scientifically-backed nutrients, Dermal Repair Complex helps combat the key causes of dermal breakdown — resulting in visibly firmer and more lifted skin, reduced wrinkles, enhanced radiance, and a significantly younger, healthier overall appearance.†*




(253 Reviews)

Rejuv-GH Timeless Beauty Concentrate™

These ultra-concentrated topical capsules transcend skincare to deliver truly transformative results. Formulated with a breakthrough blend of rare polypeptides & precious botanicals, each application works to support your skin’s growth of brand new cells — for a complete “youth makeover” unlike anything you’ve experienced before.*




*All individuals are unique. As such, your results can and will vary.

Suggested Use

Step 1:

Kick off your “look younger” routine with Dermal Repair Complex, our top-selling supplement designed to help skin look firm, lifted, and radiant from head to toe. Take 2 capsules daily with water and a meal, or as directed by your healthcare provider.

Step 2:

Then, infuse your skin with our ultimate “age-rewinding” topical solution, Rejuv-GH Timeless Concentrate. To open the individually-dosed capsule, twist or snip off the elongated tail end. Squeeze the serum onto your fingertips and lightly tap it into your face and neck.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

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