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Beauty Trends

Fall Nail Colors And Designs You Must Try This Year

by Beverly Hills MD

November 05 2019

It’s a new season, so it’s time to make some wardrobe changes – and not just with your clothing. Right now is a great time to embrace an amazing array of cozy, fall nail colors.

Check out these hot and trendy nail colors, and learn some easy and beautiful fall nail designs you can do right at home.

Autumn Is Here: Try These Gorgeous And Trendy Fall Nail Colors This Year

Autumn brings with it a deep and dramatic color palette for you to play with, so say goodbye to cool pastels and hello to warm, autumnal tones.

These are some of the best colors for your nails to be seen in this fall:

  • Mahogany
  • Linen
  • Brown Sugar
  • Vintage Rose
  • Merlot Red
  • Bold, Bright Red
  • Sparkling Pumpkin Spice
  • Black and/or White
  • Evergreen
  • Coffee
  • Sea Foam Green
  • Smoky Mauve
  • Slate Grey
  • Dark Blue
  • Bright Fuschia
  • Deep Teal

Find The Right Nail Polish Shade For Your Skin Tone, Outfits, And Special Events

Of course, not every color suits every individual or event. Your skin tone, outfit, and weekend plans should all play into your color choices.

Skin Tone

Profile view collage of multiple beautiful women with various skin tonesAs with makeup and clothing choices, your skin tone can be used to help determine what shades of nail lacquer are most flattering to your natural coloring.

Warm skin undertones tend to look best in:  warm, spicy tones like chestnut, pumpkin spice, toffee, and cinnamon. They can look washed out
with really dark shades like black or deep burgundy red.

Cool skin undertones tend to look best in:  rich but cool shades like chocolate brown, brown sugar, burgundy, and blue-based reds. Jet black looks fantastic, as do shades of teal, green, and fuschia. If you have a cooler toned complexion, avoid anything too copper, orange or bronze-based.

Now, these are not hard and fast rules, and you can certainly break them. If you feel great in a particular color – go ahead and wear it with conviction.

Planning Your Outfit

If you’re planning your nail color around a specific outfit, you should definitely think about breaking away from the old “matchy-matchy” theory. A red dress doesn’t always call for red nail polish. Here are a few ways to choose a nail color for your outfit.

  • Play Opposites: Wearing a deep green pantsuit? Choose red nails. Burnt orange jacket? How about some deep teal nails? One helpful way to think about this is to consult the color wheel. Opposite colors on the wheel complement each other beautifully.1
  • Busy Patterns: If you’ll be wearing a busy pattern, avoid nail art. Choose either a subtle, neutral shade or a block color that draws from the pattern in your outfit.
  • Match Accessories, Not Your Outfit: Red lips (or red shoes) paired with red nails always look fantastic – and timeless. A show-stopping pair of turquoise earrings can pop perfectly with turquoise nails. Or, if you’ll be wearing some statement gold jewelry pieces, pick an elegant gold nail color.

Switch Up Your Style And Finish: Shiny, Ombre, Matte, And Patterns

Another way to make an impact with nail lacquer is by using texture. For example, a matte red shade can keep things soft and classic, while glossy red will reflect the light and catch eyes across the room.

Tiny flecks in sparkly nail polishes also capture the light and make an impact. Pumpkin spice is one of the trendiest fall colors this season.2  Why not add some sparkles for extra effect?

Rocking an ombre nail finish is totally hot right now. Just as with hair coloring, ombre is the gradual blending of one color through to another, usually moving from lighter to darker. So, picture a nude nail bed that gradually starts to pick up a hint of pale teal, finishing at the fingertips with a solid block of teal.

Ombre nails usually work best on longer nails, as there’s more length to play with.

How About Patterns?

Manicure and white abstract pattern on women's nailsDon’t feel limited by block colors this season. Fall is a great time to play around with nail art and patterns. Everything from tiny pumpkins to burnt florals to metallic studs are on the table.

Here’s what’s trending for fall:

  • Tortoiseshell
  • Burnt autumn leaves
  • Tie-dye
  • Metallic crescents
  • Metallic pumpkins
  • Gold foil accents
  • Black marble
  • Cherry red ombre
  • Ring finger accent nail (try a pumpkin, leaf or plaid design)

Style, Beauty, And Plenty Of Lacquer

If you want to take the stress out of painting your nails before an event and also have access to the greatest range of colors, visiting a nail salon for a professional nail polish is always the best choice. Plus, you get the skill and expertise of a professional nail artist and the ability to sit back and relax while your lacquer dries properly for a smudge-free finish.

If you want those nails to really last, ask for them to be done with a long-lasting gel nail lacquer.

Finally, you don’t need to have long nails to enjoy the colors of the season. Ladies with clean, short nails can make just as much of an impact with a fun pop of color across their fingertips.

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