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Have Oily Skin? 5 Tips For a Beautiful Glow (without the shine!)

by Beverly Hills MD

January 17 2018

Oily skin will certainly give your skin a special glow. But our guess? It’s not quite the “glow” you’re going for. All that excess shine on your face can have you going through blotting tissues and powder like they’re going out of style.

And of course — shine isn’t the only concern when it comes to oil.

In fact, when excess oil makes contact with dead skin cells — the result is clogged pores. And these clogged pores take on the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads and can make your skin look bumpy and uneven.

Worst of all — if those clogged pores make contact with bacteria, you could be looking at a full-on breakout.1 Sigh. That’ll definitely make you want to keep that oil in check.

So if you’re looking to curb oil — read on. We’ve got 5 tips to make skin glow — without the shine.

1. Wash Purposefully

woman washing faceYou probably already know that keeping your skin clean is the first step to keeping oil in check. Rinsing away oil and other debris every morning and evening leaves you with a clean slate.

But it’s important to take your time when you wash so that the cleanser really gets a chance to lift debris off the skin. Perhaps you know of this classic hand-washing rule: wash for as long as it takes to sing “Happy Birthday”. When you’re washing your face — go ahead and double that rule — sing “Happy Birthday” twice.

And the kind of face wash you use can really give your skin a boost — especially if you struggle with the occasional breakout.

You see, scientists theorize that acne is partly due to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress occurs when the body is exposed to free radicals.

And what are free radicals?

Well, they’re unpaired electrons that come from a variety of sources like –

  • Air pollution
  • UV rays
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Other toxins

These unpaired electrons are meant to be paired. And when they’re not – they’ll scavenge your body looking for an electron to pair with. This scavenging irritates the skin and can lead to acne – not to mention wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.2,3

To prevent breakouts (and skin aging!) use a face wash with antioxidants that can help combat and neutralize the effects of free radicals.

2. Give Yourself An At-home Facial

One of the most annoying aspects of having oily skin is the formation of little bumps that come along with it. But an at-home facial that exfoliates the skin will slough off the top layers of dead skin cells, so they don’t have a chance to combine with oil and cause clogged pores. And you know what no clogged pores mean? No bumpy, dull skin and more importantly – no breakouts.

For a quick, do-it-yourself mini facial, use a chemical exfoliant.

Now, you’re probably familiar with chemical exfoliants if you’ve ever gone to your dermatologist for a peel. A chemical exfoliant will use ingredients like alpha-hydroxy acids and retinol to stimulate skin cell turnover and resurface the skin.4

But it’s not necessary to go to the dermatologists to get the benefit of chemical exfoliation. Gentle, at-home formulations exist to give you fresher, brighter, smoother skin.

Of course, you can always use a physical exfoliant as well. Physical exfoliants scrub away the top layers of dead skin, resulting in a softer, renewed complexion. And remember — always look for gentle ingredients if you’re going to use a physical exfoliant. Harsh scrubs can damage delicate skin.

3. Try a DIY Clay Face Mask

Now, a mask is a great way to zap oil and temporarily tighten pores. And the fun part is – you can make your own. It’s easy! Check it out…

The base of this mask is bentonite clay — which works to draw oil out of the pores.5 And witch hazel is a gentle, natural astringent that tightens pores. It also has the added benefit of soothing irritation.6

To make this simple mask, you don’t need much.

  • 1 tablespoon witch hazel
  • 1 teaspoon bentonite clay

Simply combine your ingredients in a small bowl, then apply to the mixture to your face. Let the mask dry, then rinse with lukewarm water. Told you it was easy.

4. Drink Green Tea – And Put It On Your Face

green tea for faceIf you’re not a tea drinker – now’s the time to get started!

Green tea has a myriad of health benefits thanks to its high content of polyphenols. Polyphenols are plant-derived antioxidants. They can help regulate blood sugar and work to protect the health of the brain and heart.7

Polyphenols also have a wide array of skin benefits. They’re known to help protect the skin from the sun’s UV rays and help slow down the skin aging process.8 And the polyphenols found in green tea have even been found to decrease skin oil production.9

But you don’t have to stick to just drinking green tea — you can also use it on your face as a toner. Simply brew a cup of green tea in the evening and – after it’s cooled down – apply to the face with a cotton swab before bed.

5. Eat For Glowing Skin

For years there’s been confusion in the dermatology community about whether or not diet has an effect on oily skin and acne. However – recent evidence suggests that what you eat does play a role in the amount of oil your skin produces. So if you’re concerned about your skin’s oil overproduction, try making a few tweaks to your diet.

Eat less dairy: Milk contains certain steroids that work to stimulate oil production. Avoiding milk products may reduce oil production and the appearance of whiteheads and blackheads.10

Avoid sugar: Studies show that a high-sugar diet may play a role in the development of acne.11

Add in omega-3 rich foods: Omega-3 fatty acids may help minimize breakouts.12 Some great sources of omega-3 fatty acids are salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds, and walnuts.

Load up on resveratrol foods:Resveratrol is an antioxidant that’s capable of inhibiting the bacteria that causes acne. Good sources of resveratrol include red grapes, peanut butter, blueberries, and dark chocolate.

Glowing Skin — Without The Shine

Ready to give powder and blotting tissues a rest? These 5 tips will help you curb oil and get healthy, radiant, glowing skin.


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