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DIY Beauty

How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro And Make Your Eyes Pop

by Beverly Hills MD

May 12 2020

If unsightly clumps, streaking, or those dreaded spider leg-like lashes are wrecking your eye makeup (and your whole vibe), don’t stress. It’s never too late to be the master of that mascara wand. Learn how to apply mascara like a pro, and take your lash game to the next level.


Read on for tips on choosing and applying mascara, proper removal and lash care, and genius tips to really make your eyes pop in all the right ways.

How To Apply Mascara Like A Pro: Mascara Tips To Master

Luckily, there are a ton of techniques, online mascara tutorials, and various mascara types and formulas out in the market right now, so you’re totally supported when it comes to making the most of your mascara application.


These tips cover selecting the best one for your needs and making sure you’re applying it just right.

how to apply mascara like a pro | Beverly Hills MDChoose The Right Mascara Wand Or Mascara Brush

No two mascaras are created equal, especially when it comes to wand shape and size. Gone are the days of basic-looking mascara wands or brushes. As technology and consumer insight evolve, so does the mascara applicator (there are some truly crazy-looking ones out right now).


Your best bet is to find a mascara wand or brush that can truly reach the roots of your lashes. If you have smaller eyes, it might be hard to use a larger brush densely-packed with bristles. Try a smaller wand, or one more suited to your compact eye shape.1

Find The Formula Best Suited To Your Unique Needs

There are a lot of mascara buzzwords — lengthening, volumizing, you know them all — and it seems like there are varying formulas that promise one more over the other. This is further proof that mascara isn’t one-size-fits-all.


So, take the time to read up on and test different types based on what you’re looking for. Your lashes might need a mascara that focuses on building a thicker look (if you have sparse hairs) or long lashes (if you have short hairs).2

curling eyelashes | Beverly Hills MDMake Full Use Of Your Eyelash Curler

Set the stage for proper and efficient mascara application by having nicely-curled lashes. Instead of reaching for your eyelash curler multiple times and crimping without care, focus on keeping your curler on for about ten seconds at a time to get a good curl that holds up.3

Focus On The Roots Before Flicking

Mascara should be concentrated on the roots of your upper lashes to get that natural-looking fullness. After you wipe off excess mascara from the brush (overloading the product can cause clumps), get your brush as close as possible to the roots of your lashes and wiggle the wand slightly to deposit as much product as possible. Then, pull through or flick to apply mascara through the length of your lashes.4

Beyond Applying Mascara: How To Care For Your Lashes

Having the right technique when applying mascara is important, but so is removing it safely and carefully. Overzealous removal can result in streaks and sad lashes that wind up falling out. To help prevent this, you’ll need to rethink how you remove your mascara and how you support your lashes’ health and growth.

removing mascara | Beverly Hills MDRemoving Waterproof Mascara Effectively

It’s important to give your makeup removing product time to do its thing. You don’t want to vigorously swipe or rub cotton pads on your eye area, which can cause the lash hairs to break off. Let your lashes soak up the makeup remover for a few seconds, so the formula can break down the waterproof mascara. Then, gently wipe off in a back-and-forth motion.5


In addition, consider investing in reusable cloth eye pads instead of buying disposable cotton pads. Not only will this save money (and the environment) in the long run, cloth is gentler on the eye area. Cotton has little fibers that can become stuck in your sensitive eye area and cause irritation.6

Try Enriched Lash Treatment Formulas

If you feel your lashes need a long-term boost, look into lash-strengthening and -growing products.7


You can also look into mascara formulas that contain beneficial ingredients that help promote lash growth and health in the long run.

Eye Makeup Ideas To Show Off Your Luscious Lashes

While a solid mascara application might be all you need to nail that natural makeup look, it’s always good to have a few extra eye makeup tricks up your sleeve when you want to amp things up.

Don’t Stick To Black Mascara: Experiment With Color

colorful eyelashes | Beverly Hills MD

You don’t need to be a pro makeup artist to try mascara in different colors. Black mascara (or brown, for lighter-haired ladies) may be the norm for everyday, but you can also try colored mascaras for a trendier, more playful vibe. A good gateway? Blue or deep purple mascaras that make others do a double-take.


Mascaras come in every color of the rainbow, so experiment a little to find the best shade to really make your eyes pop. Once you’ve gotten the hang of the look and feel, give the bolder looks a go — while keeping the rest of your makeup a little more neutral, of course.8

Tightline Your Eyes And Have Brows On Point To Really Emphasize Mascara

eye makeup | Beverly Hills MDAnother makeup artist secret to making your eyes pop? Tightlining the upper lash line to really amp up the appearance of mascara. By filling in the gaps between lashes with a waterproof eyeliner (and a light hand), you’re giving your lashes a fuller look while still looking soft and natural.


Don’t forget your brows, either — the last thing you want is to have an awesome eye makeup look ruined by unruly or undone brows. Whether you use a waterproof microblading eyebrow pen for more lasting, pro-level brows, or you simply swipe some brow gel on them and fluff them up, always pay special attention to your arches.

Make Mascara Your Eye Makeup Must-Have

Once you’ve found your Holy Grail mascara, it’s easy to practice til you get it perfect. Don’t underestimate how much properly applied contributes to a more polished, “done” look that’ll have you ready to face the day.


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