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Looking For A Valentine’s Present Idea This Year? Try These Romantic Gift Ideas To Pamper That Special Someone

by Beverly Hills MD

February 11 2020

It isn’t too late to come up with an awesome Valentine’s present idea for this year. While you may be feeling pressured by the idea of the “perfect gift,” you may want to remember that your token or gesture of love and appreciation need not be over the top or extremely expensive.

Statistics show that people spend an average of $143 on romantic gifts (with most of the products purchased including chocolate and jewelry)1, and there’s already a lot you can do with that kind of cash. There’s no need to splash out on a pricey present that might end up getting shoved in the back of a drawer, especially when you can gift something romantic yet practical, putting a new spin on the old adage, “It’s the thought that counts.”

Read on for some creative gifts and thoughtful gestures you can do to pamper your special someone this Valentine’s Day.

Bath Bombs: A Romantic Bath For Two

homemade gifts | Beverly Hills MDIt’s a scene straight out of a romantic movie: a couple lounging dreamily in a bathtub, scented candles creating that perfect mood lighting while soft music plays in the background. There’s nothing quite as intimate as soaking in the tub together, and you can amplify the experience by making it one that’s soothing to the senses.

After all, who says your Valentine’s present idea can’t function as an act of self-care for the both of you? Studies show that people aren’t spending enough time on self-care as they should, and this romantic, soothing bathtub soak could certainly serve that function.2

Try bath bombs that not only add a playful element to your romantic bath experience but also contribute some calming aromatherapy. De-stress, forget about the outside world for a little bit, and focus on just the two of you with these scents:

  • Lavender
  • Ylang-ylang
  • Holy basil/sweet basil
  • Bergamot
  • Vetiver
  • Clary sage3

Take it up a notch by creating the perfect home spa experience. Put on a face mask or some eye gel patches and give each other foot and/or scalp massages.

All you need now is a glass of wine each and you’re golden.

Unique Romantic Present For The Wine Lover: Personalized Bottle Opener

wine and candles | Beverly Hills MDSpeaking of wine, popping open a bottle or two is always a good idea on this romantic occasion. If your partner is a wine or liquor connoisseur (or even if they just enjoy popping open a cold one after a long day), you can get them the perfect present: a personalized bottle opener.

Consider having his or her initials or a special date or quote engraved on a durable bottle opener, and he or she won’t be able to pour a glass without thinking of you. And why stop there? Grab a nice bottle of wine or two and put a card marking them for consumption at key moments – like when they get that promotion they’ve been waiting for, when you finally close on that house you’ve been angling to purchase, or any other significant occasion unique to the two of you.

Putting A Twist On The Classics: Chocolate, Stuffed Animals, And A Bouquet of Flowers

valentines present idea | Beverly Hills MDGet creative and craft a unique bouquet your spouse will appreciate. And who says only guys can splash out on flowers? A potted plant or succulent is always a great gift idea, too.

If you want to do away with flowers entirely, you can make a bouquet out of practically anything nowadays – from chocolates and donuts to bacon and beef jerky.4 Now that’s a personalized present that’s sure to elicit a reaction, especially if you chose a material or ingredient meaningful to you both.

As far as cuddly stuffed animals are concerned, there’s no reason why you have to stick to the classic teddy bears. Shop around for unique or meaningful stuffed animals that are more relevant to your relationship or that carry some sort of significance. Or, you can choose to build or create a stuffed animal together as a date, and then gift your finished product to your beloved pooch or cat to play with – a Valentine’s Day gift that keeps on giving.

The Old Standby: Breakfast In Bed

romantic breakfast in bed | Beverly Hills MDThere’s nothing quite like waking up to a nice meal served right in the comfort of your own bed. It feels decadent and luxurious, yet homey and comforting at the same time. Getting up ahead of time and preparing a special breakfast for your partner is a solid way of showing how much they mean to you – especially if they know how much you value your sleep.

To avoid getting too stressed out on the morning of, do what you can to prepare elements of the breakfast ahead of time (such as making the overnight oats the night before, or pre-slicing fresh fruit and storing in the refrigerator).

You can also choose breakfast in bed staples that won’t push your culinary skills and patience in the kitchen:

  • Ricotta toast
  • Waffles
  • French toast
  • Frittatas
  • Fruit parfaits
  • Chia seed pudding5

You’re sure to impress with any of these breakfast ideas, but you can definitely riff off of these and incorporate some of your significant other’s preferences into the menu. For example, if you both love pancakes served a certain way, or particularly enjoyed a certain breakfast cocktail from a recent vacation, you should find ways to include that into your romantic gesture.

Pamper Them With Your Time And Attention

People might get so busy or caught up in the pressure to provide perfection, that it’s all too easy to forget that Valentine’s Day shouldn’t be difficult. Pamper your special someone with a meaningful gift idea that shows how much you value their happiness and well-being, and they’re sure to know that that’s the best gift of all.

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