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Beauty Trends

Make Your Own “Skin-Perfecting” Primer (Easy DIY Recipe!)

by Aaron Moskowitz

January 24 2017

Primers | Beverly Hills MD

Nearly every cosmetics brand offers a primer these days
— but not all formulas are created equal.

Do you use a primer? I don’t mean the kind for paint…

I’m talking about facial primers — a unique little beauty product, that falls somewhere between makeup and skincare.

In fact, that’s exactly when you use it, too (after your skincare products, but before your makeup).

Anyway, primers have become very popular  lately — and it’s easy to see why:

A light coat helps your makeup go on more evenly, and last longer throughout the day…

And even if you don’t wear makeup, primers can be used to minimize the look of pores, mattify oily skin, and temporarily “smooth out” the look of lines and wrinkles.

The only problem? Most primers (even ones advertised as ‘non-comedogenic’) will eventually clog your pores — especially when used daily.

As a result, women who get hooked on their primer’s “flawless finish” effect, often wind up with even more flaws over time (like blemishes, blackheads, and premature aging).

Not to mention, congested skin can quickly result in enlarged pores… an ironic side effect, since primers initially diminish their appearance.

Now, there are a handful of high-end primers that don’t carry this risk — but these formulas are typically very expensive.

So how do you get the benefits of a primer… without the damage… or the cost?

Well, I’ve got some good news to report!

You see — due to the surging popularity of primers — I’ve been seeing more and more primer-related skin problems among my clients as well.

So I decided to do a little research… and guess what?

Primers | Beverly Hills MD

My Beverly Hills clients
love this homemade primer recipe.

It turns out there’s a very easy way to make your OWN formula (that’s both affordable and healthy!).

I’ve been sharing this DIY recipe with clients in my office for the past two weeks — and they’re all thrilled with the results.

So, I want you to have it too.

Here’s what you’ll need:

1 tsp aloe vera gel
1 tsp glycerine (you can get a bottle for less than $10 at most health food stores or drugstores)
1 tsp liquid foundation (choose a shade that matches your natural skin tone)

Customize with:

2 drops tea tree oil (if you have extra-dry skin)
1 tsp cornstarch (if you have extra-oily skin)

Note: Recipe makes enough primer for one use. You can double or triple the portions to make a multi-day batch (just refrigerate in a sealed container between uses). Or make a fresh batch as needed — not a big deal, since it’s so quick and easy!

Primers | Beverly Hills MD


1. Put all ingredients in a small bowl and stir until evenly combined

2. After using your daytime skincare products as usual (including your SPF), apply the mixture to your face and neck.

3. Let your ‘primer’ set for about 1-2 minutes. Follow with concealer, if desired (though a lot of women say this primer gives them all the coverage they need). Then do your makeup — blush, eyes, lips, etc. — as usual.

If you’re already a devoted primer user, this DIY version is a more affordable way to get that “flawless finish” you love — without putting as many pore-clogging ingredients on your skin.

And if you’ve never used a primer before… now’s the time to start.

After all, primer definitely makes a difference…

But you shouldn’t have to risk long-term skin damage (or empty your wallet) to enjoy its complexion-perfecting benefits.

Your Beverly Hills MD,

Dr. John Layke

P.S. This DIY recipe is less damaging than storebought formulas. But I advise my clients to treat all primers — including this one — as a cosmetic product.

So, as with any other cosmetic product, it’s best to give your skin at least one day “off” every week.

That way, not only will you minimize the risk of clogged pores even further… you’ll also keep your skin from becoming resistant to the formula’s oil-controlling effect.

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