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Check Out These Cute And Stylish Ways To Keep Hair Out Of Face

by Beverly Hills MD

March 23 2020

It’s not like you need more reasons to keep hair out of your face. Not only might you look a little more polished with your hair neatly styled, but you’ll also get a chance to show off the results of your intensive skincare routine and expertly applied makeup, too.

Tired of the same old headbands and top bun? Don’t fret, because here are all the fun and stylish ways to keep your hair off your face this season — no matter your face shape and hair length or texture.

Growing Out Bangs? Cute Ways To Pull Hair Back

Bangs can be the bane of your existence once they start growing out. They never seem to lay right, and somehow it’s nearly impossible to fix them just the way your stylist did when you first had them done.

Whether you’re trying to get a fix for unruly bangs, feel they’ve reached an awkward length, or just want to try a new look, check out these great tips to keeping your hair out of your face. Plus: These ideas work whether you have short hair, curly hair, or wavy hair, as you’re just focusing on the front pieces of your fringe.

  • Get slick. Use a small flat iron to pull your bangs back flat from the roots. Apply a styling product to achieve a smooth, polished look.
  • Be bold with a modified pompadour. Apply a styling product for a little extra hold and texture. Twist bangs up and away from your face and towards the top of your head. Secure with bobby pins. Don’t worry if it’s a little mussed-up — that’s part of the charm.
  • Channel your middle-school self. Barrettes and hair clips are so hot right now. Opt for classy metal finishes or jeweled pins for that posh or vintage look, or achieve that runway-ready look with basic black bobby pins. Simply pull bangs to one side (or either side of your head) and secure.2

Haute High Ponytail: Trendy Twists On This Classic Style

Pulling hair back with a hair elastic is one of the simplest ways to secure unruly strands. But if you’ve grown weary of this basic style (or its twin, the messy bun), there are definitely ways to upgrade your ‘do.

Keep in mind, these styles work best on medium or longer hair.

  • Pull a retro-looking J.Lo. Make like this superstar and pull your hair back high up on your head in a sleek pony. Add a flirty tease by using a flat iron to flip up the ends and make a bell-like shape. Don’t forget your shine spray to lock in that style. This look is perfect for those with an oval face, as it really shows off your features.
  • Go for contrast in volume. This style is great for women rocking their natural curls and waves. You only need to heat-style and gel the front of your hair to slick it down into a sleek high ponytail (or mid-level if you’re trying to keep it more subtle). Keep the long hair in your ponytail naturally curly and voluminous — you can even amp it up with extensions.
  • Stack them up. A triple-stacked ponytail is sure to keep your hair out of your face. Create a clean-lined half-up ponytail, then do another one right below it. Finish off the style with a long ponytail at the nape of your neck. Brush hair through to make sure everything’s sleek and shiny. This updo looks especially great on those with thick hair.
  • A braid makes everything better. Whether you braid your remaining hair down to the ends and secure it with a hair elastic, or you wrap a small braid around the base of your pony, you’re already amping up this basic style. Experiment with different types of braids (like a fishtail) to switch things up.
  • Secure with a scrunchie. Instagram influencers have spoken — the humble scrunchie is back in style. Wrap your high ponytail with your scrunchie of choice and make your inner fifth-grader proud.3

French Braid Your Crown: A Quick How-To

A French braid along your crown is an effective (and cute) way to keep your hair off your face. Here’s a simple way to rock the look, regardless of how you’ve cut your hair.

  1. Part hair cleanly into two parts at the crown (the top of your head). Tease or backcomb each section of hair from the middle to the roots to create a bit of volume and definition (you want your braid to look a little lived-in, not perfectly plaited flat).
  2. Starting with one side, slowly separate hair with your fingers, making three sections. Braid hair from the hairline, taking small pieces of hair from either left or right side and wrapping around the middle piece. Continue this French-style braid to the back of the ear or middle of the head. At this halfway point, do a regular braid with the remaining hair. Secure with a hair elastic.
  3. Repeat with the other side. Remember, it doesn’t have to be perfect — you’re looking for a chunkier shape of braid.
  4. Take both ends of your braids, meet them in the middle (behind your head), and wrap them around each other. Keep in place with bobby pins.
  5. Loosen up parts of the plait and make waves with the remaining length of hair using a curling or flat iron for that beachy, summer-y look.4

Have Fun With Your Hair

The best hair advice is to keep having fun with it. There’s no right or wrong way to pull it back from your face, and the options outlined above just prove how much room there is for experimentation. From quirky hair accessories to more intricate braided styles and ponytails, you’re sure to have a blast mixing up your hair looks day by day.

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