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Beauty Trends

Perfect Ombre Lips Tutorial (Plus Bonus Ombre Eye Tips)

by Beverly Hills MD

December 03 2019

Love trying out new makeup trends? Then, it’s the perfect time for an ombre lips tutorial. It’s true that less is often more, and it is possible to rock an ombre lip that’s also natural-looking.

It takes a bit of work to get the hang of, but when you pull off a beautiful ombre lip, it’s practically a form of art. Let’s take a deep dive into all things ombre lipstick.

All You Need To Know About The Ombre Lips Trend

An ombre lip is a gradient lip look using two or more shades of lipstick. More than being a fun way to play with and show off your lipstick, ombre shading may actually help give the illusion of more defined or fuller lips.1

Aside from choosing the right colors to blend well, technique also comes into play. For this beauty trend to come together just right, practice makes perfect when blending your chosen products seamlessly.

While the most popular ombre look involves lip liner and dark matte lipstick, more and more variations involve using lip gloss and a lighter or shimmery shade. This proves that you can still apply the ombre lips style for a more natural look.

Whether you want a classic and dramatic dark matte ombre lip or a flushed natural look, read on.

korean ombre lip trend graphic

Ombre Makeup Tips #1: How To Nail A Dramatic Dark Lip Look

This high-fashion look can really bring the drama. The key to nailing this type of ombre look is precision — and picking the perfect complementary shades of lipstick.

Try this look if you want defined, dramatic lips that take center stage.

What You Need

  • Matte lipstick in a base color (red or berry hue)
  • Matching matte lip liner
  • Complementary lipstick in a lighter shade (orange or pink)
  • Stick concealer
  • Lip brush
  • Tissues and cotton buds for blotting and cleaning up edges
  • Lip balm
  • Lip gloss (optional)


  • A blank, perfect canvas is key. Start by exfoliating your lips with a lip scrub to slough off any roughness or flakiness that might interfere with your lip color. Then apply some hydrating lip balm.
  • Next, pat concealer directly on your lips to even out any pigmentation or discoloration. This step is optional.
  • Line your lips with a lip pencil, taking care to define the edges of your pout well and filling in your entire top lip.
  • Take your base lipstick and apply it to your top lip. Then, use a lip brush to lightly fill in a small lower section right above your lower lip line.
  • Dab a small bit of concealer on the center of your lower lip, above the base color you just applied.
  • Next, take a sheet of tissue paper and gently blot your lips to blur any harsh edges.
  • Take your second complementary color and apply it above the concealer, right at the center of your lips. Use your lip brush to gently blend the color and achieve the gradient lip effect characteristic of ombre lips.
  • Lock in the color with a swipe of lip gloss if you prefer. For added emphasis, you can also dab a small amount of shimmery highlighter on your cupid’s bow (that little dip above your top lip).2

Ombre Makeup Tips #2: Natural Lips Makeup

lip color options

In contrast to the previous style, this type of lip makeup reverses the shading. The color is more concentrated at the center, and it fades out into sheer gloss at the edges. Popularized by the Korean beauty trend that favors the more natural, girlish vibe, this look gives lips a flushed, almost doll-like look.

Try this look if you want to show off your natural beauty and give off a more youthful vibe.3

What You Need

  • Lip balm
  • Matte pale pink or coral lipstick
  • Lip gloss


  • As in the previous ombre lips tutorial, start by prepping your lips with the lip scrub and lip balm.
  • Dab a small amount of lipstick on your upper and lower lips, concentrating the color in the center of your lips.
  • Use your fingers to blend the color out toward the edges of your lips and achieve the ombre gradient.
  • Top with lip gloss to seal the color and amplify the look.

Bonus: Ombre Eye Makeup Tips

Eye make up suppliesWhy limit your ombre look to just your kisser? The eye area is the perfect canvas to show off that gradient color. Here are some tips for easy ombre eye beauty makeup.

  • Don’t Forget Basic Skin Care
    Properly prep your eye area to really allow your ombre eye to pop. Groom eyebrows, hydrate your under-eye area before applying concealer, and use an eyeshadow primer — concealer will also do the trick.
  • Keep Your Eyeshadow Choice Simple
    Stick to two shades to start with until you’re more confident with your makeup skills. To achieve the gradient, choose two eyeshadows: a lighter hue and a complementary darker one. For example, select a light brown to blend into a deeper chocolate, or a pale peach to bleed into a darker mahogany or ochre shade.Apply the lighter shade from the inner corner to midway across the lid, then blend into the darker one to the outer corner of the lid. Continue to blend until that gradient, ombre look is achieved.
  • Make Good Use Of Mascara
    Curl your lashes before going to town with your mascara wand. Nixing eyeliner can also make this ombre eyes look a little more wearable for daytime.4

Have Fun With Color: Practice Makes Perfect

Whether you’re rocking this perfectly-blended look on your lids or your lips, remember to use a light hand. Focus on the blending to get it just right. Perfect ombre lips and eyes take a little extra time, but the finished look will be well worth it.

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