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Why You Should Never Skip Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

by Beverly Hills MD

July 14 2020

If you want to take your skin from good to great, a consistent nighttime skin care routine might be exactly what you need. Read on for the real reasons why you need a dedicated skincare routine before hitting the hay and exactly what products you should be lining your vanity shelves with.

Why Does Nighttime Skincare Matter?

Skincare doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. In fact, your skin may actually benefit more from your chosen skincare products as you get some much-needed beauty sleep.


Like the rest of your body, your skin repairs itself and recovers from daily stress during the nighttime hours. This makes it the optimal time to use concentrated products and get great results.1

Nighttime Skincare Has An Edge

woman skincare | Beverly Hills MDDuring the day, your skincare strategy revolves around protecting your face from environmental stress and looking presentable. This means you’ll often have sunscreen on, and a few layers of makeup — these are often occlusive and don’t really let the skin breathe, much less allow other skin-boosting skin care to penetrate.


At night, your skin is clean and at its barest state. Your nighttime skincare products don’t have to compete with environmental stress, like pollution, musty recycled air from office air conditioning, and the harmful rays of the sun. This means your skincare products can really penetrate the skin and work their magic.2

Some Skincare Active Ingredients Simply Work Better At Night

You may be surprised to learn that some skin-beneficial active ingredients don’t work as well during the daytime. For example, the effect of some anti-aging skin care compounds like vitamin A diminishes when exposed to sunlight.3


So not only are you wasting both time and money by applying these types of product during the day, you’re also leaving your skin prone to irritation and sensitivity because of the ingredients’ reaction to the sun. This is especially important to note if you already have dry skin or sensitive skin to begin with.

nighttime skincare routine | Beverly Hills MDMore Time Means More Intentional Skincare

A morning skincare routine can be a rushed affair — some cleanser and moisturizer and you’re out the door. In the evenings, you can carve out more time for skin care, with the right products to benefit you, whether you have dry skin, oily skin, or sensitive skin. You can put on beneficial face masks or add a step or two to your skincare regimen as you wind down from a long day.


Now that you know all the important reasons behind a dedicated nighttime skin care routine, here are some suggestions for essential products you’ll need, regardless of your skin type.

Essential Components Of A Nighttime Skincare Routine

There’s more to skin care than just slathering some moisturizer on and calling it a day (or, more appropriately, a night). That being said, a skincare routine doesn’t really need that many steps for it to be effective. Stick to these nighttime skincare basics to start. First off: A good cleanser.

Wash The Day Away: Skin Care Starts With Makeup Remover And Cleanser

night time skin care routine | Beverly Hills MDIt is extremely important to remove all traces of makeup residue and dirt from your skin. Use a gentle, non-irritating makeup remover first. Choose an oil-based one if you often use stubborn waterproof makeup, like mascara and eyeliner. Next, select a mild cleanser that won’t strip your skin too much.4


You can opt to use the same cleanser you use in your morning skin care routine, provided it’s gentle and doesn’t irritate your skin. When you use a good cleanser, your skin should feel clean and bright but not tight or sensitive after washing.5

Evening Skin Care Essential: A Rich Night Cream

One nighttime skincare must-have: A thick, rich night cream or moisturizer that can soak into your skin post-cleanser. While lightweight moisturizers are the norm for day, you can go as rich as your skin demands when it comes to nighttime skin care.


Unlike your cleanser that can work from day to night, choose a more skin-boosting and beneficial cream with potent anti-aging or skin-reviving ingredients. The night hours give your skin enough time to absorb these active ingredients and help revitalize your skin.6

Add An Eye Cream


Another nighttime skin care must you’d probably skip during the day: A good eye cream. While using a heavier eye cream during the day might be prohibitive, you don’t want to skip this skincare step before you get some shut-eye.


A quality eye cream product can help provide hydration and anti-aging benefits specifically to the delicate under-eye area. You may just wake up looking much more rested.7

Hyaluronic Acid: A Key Ingredient For Your Nighttime Skin Care Routine

hyaluronic acid serum | Beverly Hills MDHyaluronic acid is a popular skincare ingredient known for helping skin absorb and retain needed moisture, resulting in fresher and younger-looking skin. If you want to wake up to dewy, plump skin, make sure your cleanser, eye cream, and/or night cream includes some form of hyaluronic acid.8


Here’s a good tip to remember: Consider patting on your hyaluronic acid-based skincare products on slightly damp skin, as this could help amp up its moisturizing effect. You can try misting your face with toner or plain water before applying a hyaluronic acid serum or night cream.

Maximize Your Nighttime Skin Care: Three Easy Steps To Remember

Simplify your routine by following this order of products. Line them up by the bathroom sink, so it’s impossible to skip one.


  • Wipe your face with a makeup remover and cotton pads, then wash with your chosen cleanser to completely eliminate residue.
  • Dry your skin gently and swipe or mist on toner, if using. If not, this is the time to apply any specific serums or highly-concentrated skincare products.
  • Let any products sink into your skin for a bit, then apply an even layer of eye cream and night cream or moisturizer. Don’t forget to extend your application to your neck.

How To Build A Solid Nighttime Routine

skincare cream | Beverly Hills MD


If you’ve never tried a dedicated night skincare regimen, or you often find yourself too lazy to stick to one, here are some tips that might help you become more consistent.


  • Talk to a dermatologist about your specific skin care needs. They may be able to help recommend a system that can help address your skin’s unique problems or needs. The quicker you see and feel results with less guesswork or trial and error, the more likely you may be to stick to a routine.
  • Make skin care a part of your nightly routine, even if it means scheduling it. Over time, it’ll become a (very good) habit.
  • Put your skincare products on your nightstand or dresser along with a small mirror. This way, you won’t forget to apply before sleeping.

Care For Your Skin Before Counting Sheep

A well-curated array of beneficial skincare products and a renewed commitment to make good use of them could really help to level up your skincare strategy. If you stick to the right nighttime skincare routine, your skin might soon look healthier and more glowy.


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