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DIY Beauty

How To Remove Makeup The Right Way

by Beverly Hills MD

May 28 2021

Wondering how to remove makeup without creating oily, red, irritated skin? Read on to learn about double cleansing and more makeup removal tips.

Why You Should Always Remove Your Makeup

You know that you should remove your makeup at night. But what if you’re tired or simply don’t feel like it? Does it really matter that much? Truthfully, yes. Here’s why you want to always remove your makeup before bed.


  • Lingering makeup may cause clogged pores and breakouts.
  • Skipping a cleanse may make your skin appear dull.
  • Sleeping in your makeup might harm your skin barrier.1

How To Remove Makeup The Right Way

Incorporate Makeup Removal In Your Evening Skincare Routine

Following an evening skincare routine is a great way to ensure that you remove your makeup every single night. When you follow a specific routine, you establish a habit. A strong habit will help you consistently care for your skin.


how to remove makeup | Beverly Hills MDIt helps to think of makeup removal as one step of your routine. Using makeup remover without cleansing and moisturizing can strip your skin of much-needed moisture. When you incorporate makeup removal into your daily skin routine, you can make sure you’re covering your bases.


Here’s an easy evening skin care routine you can follow:

1. Cleanse

An evening cleanse will help remove dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells that have accumulated on your face throughout the day. Look for mild cleansers that contain gentle cleansers with exfoliating enzymes as an active ingredient. These can help gently remove surface buildup.2


Use your fingers to massage your makeup off your face as you cleanse.

2. Target Hard-To-Remove Makeup

Your initial cleanse will likely take care of your foundation and face makeup. Eye makeup (especially waterproof mascara, eyeliner, or lipstick) may take a little more elbow grease.


Here’s a beauty secret: you don’t need a dedicated eye makeup remover to get great results. Argon oil, grapeseed oil, or any other non-comedogenic oil can work wonders as a makeup remover.


makeup removal | Beverly Hills MDTo use a facial oil to remove makeup, dab some on your fingers, rub them together, and gently massage them over your eyelids or lips. Take care not to get it in your eyes. You don’t need to use a cloth or cotton ball – both can be abrasive to your skin.3


If you’d like to use something besides your fingers, cotton pads are a good choice. Put some of the oil on a flat, dry cotton pad and gently dab at your makeup.4 The key is to be gentle here. Take your time, and remove the makeup little by little.

3. Cleanse Again

Double cleansing has become popular among beauty experts for a good reason: it makes a big difference in ensuring your face is actually clean. If the first cleanse lifts makeup, dirt, and grime from the face, the second cleanse washes them away.5

4. Apply Your Toner

A good toner can help you fully remove makeup and grime that may still be lurking after you cleanse. It may also help exfoliate, clean out pores, balance dry or oily skin, and brighten the appearance of your skin.6


face toner | Beverly Hills MDWhen shopping for a toner, be aware that alcohol-based toners may dry your skin out.7 To avoid this, reach for a hydrating toner that will help you balance your skin but won’t leave you dry.


To apply your toner, pour some out on a cotton pad, and gently swipe over clean, dry skin in a circular motion.

5. Treat With A Night-Time Serum

After you take everything off of your skin, it’s a good idea to put something back on to help keep your skin looking great. Seek out an anti-aging serum that contains collagen peptides. These peptides may help reduce the visibility of wrinkles and help give your skin a youthful appearance.8

6. Apply An Eye Cream

To help reduce the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, reach for an eye cream. Eye creams are specially formulated to work on the sensitive skin around your eyes. The right eye cream may help:


  • Moisturize the delicate skin around your eyes
  • Reduce the visibility of fine lines
  • Brighten the appearance of dark circles9

7. Moisturize

moisturizing face | Beverly Hills MD

After an intense makeup removal session, you want to make sure you replenish the moisture in your skin. Your skin is more permeable at night, which means you may lose moisture while you sleep. Reach for a high quality night cream that’s heavier than the moisturizer you use during the day.10

Top Makeup Removal Mistakes

1. Using Makeup Remover Wipes Without Cleaning

Some beauty experts recommend skipping commercial makeup wipes altogether. For starters, many wipes don’t actually cleanse your skin – they spread around debris and make it look clean. Some have questionable ingredients that may cause irritation. And the act of scrubbing with a wipe can also cause irritation and even pigmentation issues.11


makeup remover wipes | Beverly Hills MDIf you must use a makeup wipe, be sure to cleanse after you use it. That ensures that you remove whatever preservatives may be in the wipe. (And if you’re cleansing your skin anyway, well, maybe you don’t need that wipe after all.)

2. Forgetting to Pull Your Hair Back First

Pulling your hair back is a convenient way to get it out of the way when you cleanse your face. There’s another potential benefit, too: it exposes your hairline, which is a prime place for makeup residue to accumulate. Clearing hair away from the hairline ensures that you cleanse all parts of your face.12

3. Skipping the Double-Cleanse

All hail the double cleanse. If you only clean your face once, you may be missing out on big (and easy to attain) potential benefits. Double cleansing can help you remove makeup, yes, but it may also help clear off sweat, sunscreen, and grime that you may have acquired during the day.13

4. Scrubbing Instead of Dabbing or Soaking

scrubbing face | Beverly Hills MDGently scrubbing your face with the purpose of exfoliation isn’t a bad idea (the key word here is “gently”). Scrubbing your face to remove stubborn makeup? Not a great idea. Here’s why: a harsh scrub may leave your skin red and irritated. This is especially unwanted in the sensitive skin areas where you tend to wear long-lasting makeups: your eyes and lips.14

5. Skipping The Rest Of Your Routine

In a skincare routine, every step is important. Cleansing removes grime, toning helps exfoliate and balance the skin, and creams help replenish moisture. Going straight for makeup removal without these other steps would make you miss out on these key potential benefits.

Always Remove Your Makeup

Even if you’ve had a long, hectic day, it’s worth it to take the time to remove your makeup the right way. Create a routine around removing your makeup and enjoy youthful, luminous skin day and night.


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