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How To Grow Out A Pixie Cut: Pro Styling Tips And Tricks

by Beverly Hills MD

January 21 2020

You’ve had your fun and have decided pixie hair no more. You’ve looked into the mirror and declared once and for all, “I’m growing my hair out.” And while saying the words can be easy enough, you know the road ahead is long and winding. But rest assured — below are the top pro styling tips and tricks on how to grow out a pixie cut, avoid bad hair days, and still love your look — even during that in-between phase.

Support Hair Growth With Good Nutrition And Scalp Massage

Before learning what hairstyles and haircuts work best when leaving the short pixie behind, you may be wondering if you can, in fact, make your hair grow faster.

On average, hair grows 0.2 to 0.7 inches a month, depending on a number of factors, including your ethnicity, age, genetics, and health. Lifestyle factors, like nutrition and stress, can also greatly affect hair growth, as these factors affect your overall health.1

Sound Nutrition To Support Hair Growth

how to grow out a pixie cut | Beverly Hills MDWhether through nutrient-rich foods or supplementation, it’s a good idea to consult your doctor to see if adding key vitamins and minerals to your diet is right for you.

Vital nutrients associated with hair health include biotin, iron, omega-3, omega-6, protein, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin D, Vitamin E, and zinc.2,3

Stimulate Hair Follicles With A Scalp Massage

Multiple studies have shown that massaging your scalp may help increase blood flow to your follicles, which may in turn support hair growth.4,5 Additionally, another study found scalp massage to help reduce stress, which may also play a role in supporting hair growth.6

Be Diligent With Your Hair Care To Maximize Length

Keeping your short locks healthy and damage-free may help keep bad hair days at bay, minimize frizz, and support growth.

Let Your Hair Be Au Naturel

pixie hair | Beverly Hills MD

Hair color and heat styling tools can cause your strands to get thinner at the ends — this, unfortunately, can be a direct cause of breakage. And breakage means shorter hair.

Lay off the hair dye and flat iron for a while or at least until you’re closer to your desired hair length.7

Add A Moisturizing Oil To Your Hair Care Routine

If air-drying your hair has never been much of a success in the past, it could be down to rough cuticles. Combing a moisturizing oil through damp hair can help not only add shine but also control those dreaded short hair flyaways.8 It’s a win-win. Try using a bit of argon or olive oil.

Regular Trims Are A Must

hair trim | Beverly Hills MDIt might sound counterproductive — cutting your hair while attempting to grow it out — but getting your hair cut can help get rid of split ends, which are notorious for hampering the growth process. Stylists recommend a trim every six to eight weeks for optimal split end maintenance.9

From Pixie To Shag To Bob And Beyond

The trick to growing out a pixie is to find the cuts that work best for you along the way to a lot of length.

Keep Cutting The Back

There is a good chance most women will say they want to avoid a mullet at all costs while growing out their short pixie. Doing that is quite simple — along with your regular trims, have your stylist focus on keeping the back of your hair clipped close to the nape of your neck. This will take you from a shaggy pixie to a near-bob.10

Decide What To Do With Your Bangs

woman cutting hair | Beverly Hills MD

When growing your hair out from a really short length, at some point you will have bangs. If you know they aren’t your look, tell your stylist you want to keep the length in the front and part hair so that it’s easy to keep it off your forehead and styled back. Alternatively, if you’ve always been curious, this would be the time to experiment with a blunt bang. If you hate it — well, you’re growing your hair out anyway.11

A Bob Will Save You

Just past the shag, you’ll make it to your first major milestone — the bob. This is the holy grail for growing out a pixie. It can be cut classic or edgy or somewhere in between, but it will most likely feel like the first haircut since your pixie that really feels like a hairstyle. The classic A-line bob is short in the back and longer toward the front, and you can continue growing out with this cut as long as you want.12

Style A Pixie With Lots Of Texture And Accessories

Embrace the awkward shaggy phase with lots of texture, bobby pins, and headbands. The shaggy pixie is part of the process, but it can most certainly look great. It just requires a bit of styling flair.

hair mousse | Beverly Hills MDRely Heavily On Mousse

A volumizing mousse is the perfect product to give you both fullness and structure — plus it’s super easy to use. To style your hair with mousse: apply the product and twist random sections of hair. Let it dry naturally, and then shake it out a bit.13

Bobby Pins To Hide Bangs

If bangs are really not your thing, you have the option to pin them back. But if you want to add extra style to your look, consider some side twists (at the part line, twist your hair on either side along the front hairline until you can pin the hair behind your ears).14

Headbands And Scarves

Headbands and scarves are great options for adding a little extra to your look — or just to cover up a crazy cowlick.15 The real lesson here is to experiment and see what feels right for you.

Say Goodbye To Short Strands And Hello To Long Locks

When growing out a pixie cut you may have an awkward phase or a length you just can’t agree with. But with these pro styling tips and tricks, you’ll be able to rock every in-between look. Here’s to a gorgeous mane of hair in no time.

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