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How To Apply Eye Cream Properly

by Beverly Hills MD

August 18 2020

Eye cream is perhaps the most polarizing part of any skincare routine. Some people swear by it and don’t mind dabbing on a specialized eye cream each day. Others simply may not know the importance of using a good eye cream and don’t see the point of adding extra skincare products to their skincare regimen.1

eye cream formula | Beverly Hills MD

But two facts remain: Your eye area is susceptible to showing signs of aging and stress (think lines, bags, and dark circles), and this delicate under-eye skin does need some special attention — precisely because this area is so different from the rest of your face. This difference means everyone has unique needs (often based on skin tone and skin type) that their regular face creams might not be able to address.2

Whether you’re firm on the importance of eye cream or on the fence about needing a separate eye cream formula, read on for the lowdown on all things eye-area skincare. You’ll learn what eye cream can actually deliver — and how you should apply this product the right way. You just might end up making eye cream the most important step in your beauty routine.

Everything You Need To Know About Eye Cream


It’s important to note why eye cream is such an essential part of caring for your skin.


Simply put: Since the skin underneath or around your eyes is much thinner and can much more easily absorb the products you apply, your usual facial cleanser and face cream might have active ingredients that are too concentrated (read: harsh) for that area.3


Now, that doesn’t mean this delicate area doesn’t need these same active ingredients that offer hydration and protection — it just needs a different concentration or formulation more suited to under-eye skin. Your eye area might even need some specialized ingredients your usual facial products don’t have.4,5


Potential Benefits Of Eye Creams


how to apply eye cream | Beverly Hills MD


When it comes to pigmentation and fine lines, it’s important to note how an eye cream can take special care of the skin underneath your eyes. A high-quality eye cream may help address the appearance of some common skin concerns, such as:

  • Puffiness or swelling
  • Dark circles, discoloration, or pigmentation
  • Thin, dry, and/or sagging skin
  • Fine lines or other signs of aging6,7

Note: Knowing what goes into your eye cream is an essential step before adding the product to your daily skincare routine. For best results, always choose a high-quality eye cream. Look for non-irritating, effective ingredients like hyaluronic acid and peptides.


How To Apply Your Eye Cream Properly


Already have your holy-grail eye cream on hand? Here are some tips to make the application simple. Using the right amount and the lightest touch are both key.


eye cream | Beverly Hills MDUse A Penny-Sized Amount For Both Eyes

The formulation and concentration for eye cream is made for optimal absorption of this specific area (which is why a small amount goes a long way). Apply a penny-sized amount on your ring finger, then dab small dots on your brow bone and underneath the eye. Avoid going too deep into the inner corner and too high up close to the lower lash line to decrease chances of irritation.8


Don’t Rub It In

Tap or massage the product in with the lightest touch you can manage. Rubbing the delicate eye area can stretch and pull at the thin skin, countering any positive effects you’re trying to achieve by applying eye cream in the first place. Be patient when tapping the cream on.9

Give It Time To Work

This is both literal and metaphorical — even if an eye cream is the lightest product you apply, it still needs time to sink into the skin. Give it a minute or two to absorb before layering on other skincare or makeup. Also, not seeing immediately noticeable effects is probably one of the major reasons why some people don’t see the point of eye cream. Be consistent and you’ll likely see results sooner than you realize10


Is Your Skincare Routine Lacking Eye Cream?

eye cream | Beverly Hills MD

Your daily skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should definitely be complete. Eye cream can help supplement and complement the effects of your other skincare products, helping you achieve the youthful, rejuvenated look you’re after. So, don’t skip out on this potent product.


Choose a high-quality product, apply it properly, and you’ll wonder why you ever went without it.


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