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How To Get Beachy Waves Overnight: Tips And Tricks

by Beverly Hills MD

December 18 2019

While this hairstyle seems to scream sun and sand, there’s no reason not to sport it in the fall and winter. In fact, it’s still very much on-trend, and this seemingly-effortless look is a great way to make that winter bedhead a little more intentional.1

However, emphasis must be made on seemingly effortless. After all, it will take a bit of time and a fair bit of trial and error to nail the wavy hair of your dreams. Different hair types may need different kinds of products to catch these waves, plus you may find a narrower flat iron works better for you than your usual curling wand.

Luckily, some of the easiest and most effective methods for beachy waves hair styling are right here. Read on, and get ready to rock this chic style, whether you’re in a rush and have no time to bust out your curling iron, or you want to rely on the latest and greatest products and techniques straight from celeb hair stylists themselves.

How To Get Beachy Waves Without Heat Styling

If you’re iffy about relying too much on your hot-as-heck flat iron to create those tousled creases, or you don’t really have time to wait for your curling iron to heat up, you can still lock down loose waves.

woman spraying hair | Beverly Hills MDHere are some pro-tips using just a couple of products and some plain hair clips to create effortless gorgeousness.

  • Apply hair texturizing spray and mousse to slightly wet hair to control frizz.
  • Scrunch hair and clip sections up with those plain metal clips all hairstylists seem to use (they’re easy to find and purchase in bulk).
  • Let your hair dry naturally without a blow dryer.
  • And finally, unclip your hair to release soft, tousled waves. You can opt to spritz on some hair spray for a little extra hold.2

This simple tutorial spares your hair from too much exposure to heat, and you don’t even have to worry about leaving hair overnight while you sleep. You can simply take a bit of time post-morning shower to clip your hair and let it air-dry while you eat breakfast, walk the dog, or put your makeup on.

Wavy Hair Tutorial #1: Using Sea Salt Spray And A Curling Iron

Perhaps the most classic tutorial, this method relies on products that prep hair to hold waves, heat to create waves, and extra products to seal it all in. Be prepared for a fair amount of elbow grease, but keep in mind that the goal isn’t to perm hair perfectly, but to make those tousled, disheveled curls and waves that feels like you spent the day at the beach.

woman using curling iron | Beverly Hills MD

If you’re concerned about damaging your hair, you can totally comb some heat protectant products through your strands before styling.

  • Wash your hair first, so you can start with clean hair. While damp, apply a bit of mousse to your hair. This can help hold the loose waves you’ll soon be making.
  • Next, dry your hair using a hair dryer. Run your fingers through your hair and twist sections of hair around your fingers while drying. This helps create more of the texture you’re after. Alternatively, you can twist hair in sections first and then blow dry.
  • Next, part your hair into inch-long sections. Twist the hair around the barrel of a curling iron, making sure to use a medium or large barrel to create looser, more relaxed waves. (Remember, the smaller the barrel, the tighter the curl).
  • Alternatively, you can wrap hair around a hair iron. What’s important is to start a couple of inches below your roots and not to curl all the way down to the ends — focus waves on the middle section of hair for that disheveled, casual look.
  • Finger-comb waves to “mess” your hair up even more, while working a few spritzes of sea salt spray to enhance the wavy texture.3

Wavy Hair Tutorial #2: Double Iron Technique

Don’t be alarmed by the idea of this much heat — again, a heat protectant spray or mousse is your best friend when it comes to creating beachy waves with your trusty curling iron. This tutorial recommends using your curling iron in two different ways to tousle hair to perfect imperfection.

woman curling hair | Beverly Hills MD

  • Start with dry hair, either blown out already or simply air-dried from your last shower.
  • Section hair into inch-wide parts. Working a section at a time, wrap hair around the barrel of your curling iron. Hold for a beat before releasing.
  • Working quickly (and while hair is still hot), release the curl and clamp down on the section of hair, pulling the curling iron through to the ends. This will relax and soften the curl. You can also use a flat iron for this step.
  • Curl hair in different directions and away from the face to give the impression of a more relaxed, undone look.
  • Iron the last couple of inches of your hair. Concentrate curls and waves in the middle section of your hair and leave ends flat for that “cool girl” look.
  • Finish hair with a few spritzes of sea salt or holding spray.4

Beachy Hair Secret: It’s Not Supposed To Look Perfect

girl with messy beach hair | Beverly Hills MDUltimately, you don’t want that DIY perm hair look — you just want textured waves that look carefree or even slept in. If your ‘do is looking too “done,” you have to loosen it up a little. Use your fingers to break up curls, scrunch some texturizing spray through your waves, or even just put your hair up into little buns while you go about your morning routine.

If you’re loving the California-girl aesthetic, then you’re going to have to cop the carefree attitude, too. Wear your waves with cool confidence, and you’re sure to be a little ray of sunshine even in the bleakest of winters.

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