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These Hair and Skin Essentials Need to Go in Your Gym Beauty Bag Right Now

by Beverly Hills MD

February 24 2020

If you’re struggling to motivate yourself to hit the gym, anything – and everything – can serve as an obstacle. Do you really want to get all sweaty right before you have to go to work? What if you get there but you have no hair tie? Small inconveniences can add up. Having a solid gym beauty plan may mean the difference between hitting the snooze button and lacing up your sneakers.

With a little bit of planning and by packing your gym bag ahead of time, you can cut down on excuses for later in the week. Gathering all of the essentials for your gym beauty bag is the fun part. Once you have it all packed, it’s time to hit the treadmill.

A No-Fuss Hair And Skin Gym Beauty Routine

To plan out what you’ll need in your beauty bag, first think about your beauty routine before and after your workout.

Before The Gym

gym beauty | Beverly Hills MDIf you can, consider hitting the gym with a clean, makeup-free face. When you exercise, your body heats up and perspires. Perspiration encourages your pores to open up. If you have makeup on, it could seep into your open pores.1

If you don’t feel comfortable going makeup-free, look for products that won’t clog your pores or run down your face when you get sweaty. Here are some ideas for a no-fuss gym makeup look:

  • Brush on a small amount of loose powder to absorb shine, but avoid caking it on.
  • A brow gel can keep your brows in line.
  • Spot correct with a matte concealer but avoid a full face of foundation.
  • Avoid anything that could smear with sweat, like lipstick or smokey eyeshadow.
  • Avoid thick, heavy, or oil-based products.2

After The Gym

face washing | Beverly Hills MDAfter you sweat it out, here are some expert tips for caring for your hair and skin:

  • Wash your face immediately. The longer sweat stays on your face, the greater the chance it attracts bacteria.
  • Avoid using oily products directly after a workout.
  • Resist exfoliating right after a workout. Choose gentle skin products instead.
  • After you sweat it out, you’ll want to moisturize to replenish the hydration your skin lost during your workout. Pick a moisturizer that
    works with your skin type, and slather it on after you wash your face.
  • Apply sunscreen before you head back into the world.3,4


Your exact post-gym beauty and skincare routine will depend on where you plan to go after you work out. If you’re going straight to work or out to meet friends, you may choose to bring your entire makeup bag and apply makeup after the gym.

Throw These Essentials In Your Gym Beauty Bag


Deodorant is perhaps the most essential of all gym beauty essentials. After all, you’re going to the gym to sweat. You’ll want to feel prepared when that actually happens. To feel confident and secure as you move on with your day, pack a trustworthy deodorant to swipe on after you shower at the gym.

Consider a natural deodorant that is aluminum-free. This will help you stay fresh and avoid yellow pit stains that are caused by many antiperspirants.5

Facial Cleanser

After a good, sweaty workout, you’ll want to wash your face ASAP. So, it’s a good idea to have a facial cleanser with you in your gym bag.

To thoroughly cleanse your skin and clear sweat and debris from your pores, you may want to seek out a cleanser with alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs). AHAs like salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may help ensure your skin stays clear.6

A Gentle Serum

A gentle, soothing skin serum might help reduce the appearance of redness and prolong that post-workout glow. If you often shower and wash your face after the gym, consider packing a serum too. Look for one that re-energizes aging skin cells and supports your skin’s elasticity.7

Cleansing Wipes

Cleansing face and body wipes are great to have on hand for those times when you don’t get too sweaty, but you’d still like to freshen up. Skin wipes also work when you’re in a time crunch and you can’t properly shower. Wipes are super convenient too – they can offer the right amount of product without a chance of spilling in your bag.

Look for cleansing wipes that are soft, moisturizing, and gentle enough to use on sensitive skin areas, like your eyes.8

Lip Balm

The recycled air inside of a gym can leave your skin and lips feeling dry. To counteract that dry lip feeling, be sure to pack a moisturizing lip balm in your gym bag. To ensure you’re doing what’s best for your skin, grab a lip balm that’s free of petroleum and parabens.9

cosmetic bag | Beverly Hills MD

Facial Moisturizer

If you tend to sweat a lot, you may be tempted to skip the moisturizer after your workout. Don’t. After you wash your face, make sure you rehydrate with a high-quality facial moisturizer. This will help ensure that you keep your skin hydrated long after you leave Deep Regenerating™ Stem Cell Moisturizer the gym.


If you plan to shower at the gym, make sure you pack a hairbrush or comb to tame your hair post-workout. A flexible brush with sparse bristles can be a great choice for combing wet hair straight out of the shower.10

Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo can be a lifesaver for those days when you sweat at the gym but don’t want to wash your hair. After your workout session, use a blowdryer to dry up excess sweat and apply dry shampoo to your roots. A good dry shampoo can make your hair look freshly washed, not gritty or powdery.11

Here’s a tip: you can also try applying dry shampoo before you workout to prepare your hair to absorb sweat.12

Hydrating Facial Mist

Intense workouts can leave your skin depleted and tired-looking. A high quality hydrating facial mist may help combat the appearance of tired-looking skin. Look for one that contains antioxidants that can hydrate, refresh, and revive your skin. A simple spritz can prepare you to continue on with your day.

BB Cream

If you want to apply a bit of makeup to your skin before you hit the gym, consider using lighter beauty products like BB cream instead of foundation. Depending on the formula you select, a BB cream can moisturize, protect skin with SPF and antioxidants, and improve the appearance of your skin tone.13

Plenty Of Water

cold water bottle | Beverly Hills MD

A bottle of water may not seem like a beauty product, but staying hydrated can really do so much for your skin and hair. Not only could water support your athletic performance, it may also support your skin and hair health.14

Now, Go Forth And Hit Your Fitness Goals

In a roundabout way, packing the right beauty products in your gym bag may actually help you reach your fitness goals. Knowing that you’ll be prepared to refresh your look after the gym could give you the confidence you need to get sweaty and go for it.

Once you’ve packed the essentials, you may also want to include a few special items that you enjoy indulging in. If you have a gua sha facial tool or a special green tea face mask that you love, why not try bringing them to the gym next time? Bringing special items that make you feel pampered may give you an extra boost of motivation.

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