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5 Essential Anti-Aging Tips for Youthful Looking Hands

by Beverly Hills MD

November 28 2016

Anti-aging skin care is important at every age, not just in your 40s, 50s and beyond. You can still keep your skin taut, dewy and naturally beautiful by taking good care of it – NOW.

It’s never too early, or too late to take skincare seriously. In fact, because your skin is largest organs in your body, it’s a good time to start pampering it.

Developing an effective skin care regimen early in life is the best approach to anti-aging …

But if you’re just getting started – that’s ok!

Just remember that your hands are likely to show visible signs of aging, including a crepe-like texture, bulging veins, as well as fine lines and deep wrinkles even more than other areas, like your face. This is due in part to the amount of exposure our hands get to pollution, environmental toxins (UVA/UVB rays), and harsh products like soaps, sanitizers, and detergents.

When it comes to anti-aging skincare, you may already have your facial routine down pat, but what about your hands? Here are the 5 best anti-aging tips for your hands.

1. Use an SPF

Exposure to UVA and UVB rays from the sun is the leading cause of premature skin aging. Antioxidants, including those found in anti-aging lotions and essential oils, can help to repair damage to healthy skin, but to help prevent that damage, sunscreen is a must. If you are not applying a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a minimum of SPF 30 to your hands, face, and neck every day, you should start immediately. Limiting sun exposure, especially between peak hours (10 am – 2 pm), is the best way to avoid the oxidative damage UV rays cause. This damage leads to wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and even an increased risk of cancer.

2. Kitchen Aid

There are so many wonderful oils you can use to keep your youthful skin glowing and healthy. Because many cooking oils contain a wide range of essential fatty acids, including anti-inflammatory omega-3’s, they can be used both in the kitchen and in your anti-aging skincare regimen! The best anti-aging oils include grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, and avocado oil. You can also use herbal essential oils for spot treatments. The three best essential oils for anti-aging skin care include carrot seed oil (a potent, natural source of pro-vitamin A), frankincense oil (ideal for age spots and sagging skin), and lavender oil (a powerful antioxidant).

3. Sluff it Off

Anti-Aging tips for handsOne of the best ways to encourage new skin cell production is to get rid of the lingering gunk on your skin. The top layer, also known as the epidermis, is where old, dead skin cells linger. This can cause pores to clog and dull-looking skin. You can choose to purchase a body scrub or make your own, custom, anti-aging scrub at home.

All you need is this basic recipe:

    • 1 part granular sugar
    • 1 part Epsom salt
    • 5-10 drops Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    • 5-10 drops essential oil of your choice for fragrance.

Shake all ingredients until blended completely in an empty Mason jar, and apply liberally (but gently) to hands and body during shower time. Leaves skin smooth, soft and radiant!

4. Moisturizer Mojo

Never underestimate the power of a great moisturizer. Lock hydration in, and keep dry, crepey skin at bay with a basic hyaluronic acid (HA) hand lotion. HA is a compound that locks moisture inside skin cells, where it counts the most, so your skin stays fluid, comfortable, and beautiful.

5. Eat Right

It may seem like a small detail, but what you put in your body is one of the most important aspects of maintaining youthful skin. Since every individual cell in your body (including every skin cell) is made up of water, it needs adequate amounts of H2O every day in order to stay supple and elastic. Don’t skimp on water. Aim to drink approximately eight, 8 oz glasses every day!

Keep skin cells fluid and healthy with these other anti-aging foods: seeds (sunflower, chia, hemp), nuts (cashews, walnuts, peanuts), herbs & spices (basil, oregano, turmeric, black pepper). You can keep the signs of aging away from the inside out with a balanced, healthy diet!

Other Ways to Fix Old-Looking Hands

These are all very effective methods to help fight the effects aging can have on your skin. But there are other ways to fix old-looking hands as well.

  • Get more CoQ10

Coenzyme Q10, or CoQ10, is an enzyme that helps protect the skin. It not only helps to protect it against UV rays, it also helps suppress inflammatory reactions that can contribute to aging. You can find this enzyme in supplement form as well as in foods such as spinach and broccoli.

  • Quit smoking

Smoking is one of the main causes of the development of wrinkles. The reason is that it reduces the flow of blood to the top layers of the skin, depriving them of the nutrients and oxygen they need to look their best. The longer you smoke, the more your skin will wrinkle.

  • Get enough sleep

Research indicates there is a link between skin aging and a lack of quality sleep. Not only does this result in making you look older, it can also make it more difficult for your skin to recover from damage. Studies show people who don’t get enough sleep not only show more signs of aging, their skin also becomes weaker over time.

Love the Hands You’re With

No matter what cosmetic companies say, there is no real way to turn back the hands of time. However, you can take good care of your hands at any age with a daily skin care regimen and by avoiding environmental toxins and pollutants whenever possible. Remember, when it comes to anti-aging skincare for your hands and face, prevention is the best medicine.


DisclosureThe Beverly Hills MD team creates these articles as a way to provide you with the latest information on health and nutrition. Unfortunately, we cannot make specific product recommendations for our website visitors, such as “Dermal Repair Complex” or “Beverly Hills MD Deep Wrinkle Filler” Please consult with your healthcare provider to determine the best products for you.



Article updated: March 28, 2018
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