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6 Powerful Anti-Aging Skincare Products You Need In Your 40s

by Beverly Hills MD

October 22 2016

For some, turning 40 is a wonderful milestone. For others, it’s a wake-up call: Time to get serious about getting healthy, exercising, and buckling down with a top-notch anti-aging skincare regime.

Why is it that, when we are getting close to 40 or turning 40, do we get serious about anti-aging beauty care? Well, it’s about that time in life that you may start seeing those pesky fine lines deepening into wrinkles. Sunspots may pop up. Laugh lines, too. Oh, and don’t forget about gray hair. And was that just a bad Instagram filter, or is your skin actually looking kind of washed out?

Of course, 40 is the new 30. And the big 4-OH is fabulous! But, that doesn’t always mean that our skin has downloaded the same message.

The good news? There’s still plenty of time …

Things we can do for our skin now that can turn back the clock, or at least slow time down a bit.

What Types of Products are Best for Skin in the 40s?

Ah, the carefree days of youth. And by youth, we mean the 20s and 30s. Remember going to the beach, sunbathing, sans sunscreen, without a care in the world… especially when it came to anti-aging skincare!

All that time spent in the sun was costly. Sun damage may not have been visible back then, but those cute little freckles you got on your sun-kissed nose and cheeks when you were younger aren’t so adorable anymore. Now they’ve turned into sunspots. Add to that a deepening of fine lines on the face, and you’ve got two of the biggest primary skin issues for women in their 40s: hyperpigmentation and wrinkles.

This is the best time to get cracking on preventing further fine lines and dark spots. And certainly there are products that help you do just that.

So, now that you’re in your 40’s, use anti-wrinkle and anti-dark spot facial cream, plus slather on SPF 30.

But what else? What other anti-aging skincare products should be essentials in your AM & PM skincare regime? Read on…

Reconsider Your Cleanser

A high-quality facial cleanser should always be a big part of any anti-aging skincare regime. When you find one you love, you probably want to keep using it forever. There’s the rub: What works for 20-something or 30-something skin may not work well for 40-something skin. As we age, the composition of our skin changes. You might’ve had oily or combination skin in your 30s, but now your skin is dry.

Perhaps it’s time to rethink your cleanser? Choose one that is best suited for your current skin type. Consider using a gentle cleanser in the morning or simply just rinse off your face with warm water, sans cleanser. Switch to a more emollient-rich cleanser at night, one which will remove makeup and other impurities from the busy day without stripping your skin of essential moisture.

Add a Facial Mask

anti-aging skincare

Every week, or even twice weekly (if you have time), nourish your skin by using a face mask. The right face mask can help to exfoliate, removing dead skin cells and helping to keep the skin soft and bright.

Look for masks that can tackle any specific skin issues you have. If you are struggling with drier skin, choose a mask with special moisture-retaining ingredients. If you’ve got issues with a dull complexion, a mask with amino acids or niacinamide may help to brighten your skin tone.

Short on time? Find a facial mask that works while you are sleeping. That way, the active ingredients will penetrate the skin, leaving it revitalized. Who doesn’t want to wake up in the morning with a lovely glow?

Do Not Pass Go or Collect $200 Without This Anti-Aging Skincare Product!

The skin around our eyes is thinner than the rest of our face, or our body. What does this mean? It means that it is likely the most sensitive area. And the area that will show your real age the quickest. Therefore, it needs anti-aging skincare, especially in our 40s. Think of it this way: The skin around our eyes tells a story about our life. Have you ever noticed how it looks after a late night of work? Those shadows are a dead giveaway that you haven’t gotten enough sleep.

The best way to combat this problem is by getting enough sleep, of course. But if that’s not possible (and let’s face it, life happens), investing in an anti-aging eye cream is the way to go. Daily applications can help keep the shadows where they belong … in the shadows!

Tip: Look for eye cream containing antioxidants. Vitamins A, C, and E can all help boost your skin’s production of collagen.

And speaking of collagen …

Take that Collagen back: Antioxidant Serums/Retinol Creams

When we’re in our 20s, we have an abundant supply of collagen in our skin to keep it soft and supple. Unfortunately, collagen production begins to slow down as we age, and eventually the body can’t replenish it quick enough. Gravity begins to win. Things begin to … go south. Hair becomes dry. Those fine lines become more prominent.


Because collagen production has slowed. Collagen helps hold everything together, like a cement or a glue.1,2

Can this process be reversed?

Possibly. Studies indicate that it may be possible to help stimulate collagen production. Some antioxidant serums, collagen supplements and the like may help us take our collagen back. Regarding moisturizers, look for products containing retinol, which is beneficial for minimizing fine lines and other signs of aging.3 In serums, look for those touting antioxidant ingredients, such as Vitamin-C, to boost collagen.

Make Moisturizer Your BFF

Of course, you drink plenty water, but as we age, cells literally start to dry up. This also makes fine lines look more pronounced. So help out the skin by applying moisturizer liberally, both morning and night. Avoid pulling down on your face when applying, rather pat it on gently.

anti-aging skincareAlways Use Sunscreen

No matter what else you have in your skin care regime, always make sure you’re using a sunscreen. Wearing sunscreen protects the skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. And we all know how damaging that can be.  

Here’s what you need to remember: Always choose a broad spectrum sunscreen. This will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays cause wrinkles. UVB rays cause sunburns. Both are equally bad. Choose a sunscreen that blocks them both out. Also, make sure your sunscreen is at least SPF 30, and be sure that it is both water and sweat-resistant.4  

You too can…beautifully age

Truth: Aging is something we can’t control. What we can control is how well we age. By putting a anti-aging skincare regime together that includes the right products, we can age gracefully in our 40s. Getting older does not mean we have to look older!

By sticking with a good skincare regime, including a cleanser, anti-aging eye cream, a regenerating moisturizer (or two), a serum and of course, a great sunscreen, you can have a more youthful complexion. Then, make sure you get plenty of sleep and hydration. This all adds up to the perfect recipe for oh-so-fab skin in your 40s.

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