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A Warning About Coconut Oil

by Aaron Moskowitz

May 04 2015

Over the past few weeks, a lot of you have been reaching out, asking about one particular trend…

One that’s absolutely BLOWN UP on the internet, and within the natural foods and skincare community.

And I really want to address it today…

Because it’s something that’s GREAT for some people… and a big mistake for others.

I’m talking about coconut oil.

Coconut Oil To Whiten Teeth | Beverly Hills MDNow, coconut oil has become enormously popular as a natural remedy for just about anything and everything…

And it’s not surprising, given its unique chemical composition.

You see, coconut oil is made up of medium-chain fatty acids… making it a saturated fat that may actually be GOOD for you.

In fact, when it comes to eating coconut oil, one study published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition actually found that low-to-moderate coconut oil consumption could help people burn up to 5% more calories a day.

That’s pretty impressive…

(Of course you must remember, coconut oil is actually more caloric than butter, so overdoing it will have the opposite effect…)

But what I really want to talk about today is its applications in skincare

And why coconut oil may NOT be the “miracle” solution so many bloggers around the internet have claimed.

Coconut Oil To Whiten Teeth | Beverly Hills MD

Now, let me be clear… Coconut oil may work well when applied topically, for some people.

It CAN be a very effective light moisturizer that absorbs fairly well into skin, considering it’s an oil…

Adding light to moderate hydration and softening in one quick, inexpensive step.

It can also be used as a great-smelling, nourishing shave oil, hand moisturizer… or just about anything else you can think of!

But coconut oil has one nasty secret that isn’t getting much press…

It’s comedogenic.

Comedogenic means that it can directly cause clogged pores, pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads in those who are prone to them.

Beyond that, coconut oil is also not the INTENSIVE moisturizer some people claim it is… so for those who need a lot of hydration, coconut oil simply won’t do the job.

BUT – that doesn’t mean it’s wrong for everybody.

Here’s my recommendation:

  • If you have normal, oily, or combination skin, try applying coconut oil before bed 3 times a week… and see if it works for you.
  • If you have acne-prone, dry, or very dry skin, avoid coconut oil. (If you are still interested in using a natural oil as a hydration booster, try jojoba oil.)

It’s up to you whether this is a trend you want to try, or leave behind…

But the ultimate lesson here is that when it comes to natural, DIY skincare… Everyone is different.

You’ve got to find what works for YOU… Using the best information you can find, combined with your own experience…

Regardless of what’s trending.

Sure, I have some patients who swear by coconut oil as a makeup remover, nighttime moisturizer, and even a tooth-whitening mouthwash… Which is great, and something I certainly don’t discourage for them if it works for them.

And in fact, my wife Kendhal and I are big fans of organic virgin coconut oil ourselves. Kendhal loves it as an occasional makeup remover and hair conditioner, and she’s even got me using it once in awhile to sooth razor burn!

But on the other side of things, I actually have a few patients who have “kept trying” coconut oil despite having nasty breakouts…

Because with all the rave reviews online, they feel like they “should” like it, since it’s so trendy.

This is a big problem, with the internet always growing, and so many trends blowing up so quickly.

Perhaps you remember an email I sent awhile ago about another DIY skincare trick that was very popular on the internet, but NOT good for skin…

Using baking soda as an exfoliant

Again… BIG trend, BAD results.

So remember, when it comes to trends… use caution. Certainly, they become popular for a reason…

But they also become unpopular eventually… And there’s usually a pretty good reason for that too!

Your Beverly Hills MD,

Dr. John Layke

P.S. Do you love coconut oil? Hate it? Have a great suggestion for how to get the most out of it? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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