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We all put so much effort and investment into our faces, but many of us neglect to extend that TLC to our neck and chest area. But imagine this: In 20 years, your visage is plump, smooth, and glowing, but your neck looks like that of a turkey’s. A dead giveaway of your real age, right?

Before you invest in thousands of dollars worth of scarves to hide your aging neck, calm down. Let’s take this slowly. It’s never too late to take ample care of your neck and décolletage.

Your neck skin is in need of more attention. It often gets neglected in any regular beauty routine. Not only is the skin on the neck is thinner than the skin on your face, but it doesn’t possess oil glands, which produce the naturally conditioning sebum we all rely on for that healthy glow. (This is why oily-skinned people tend to see age more slowly.) Plus, skin on your neck is more lax and prone to looking crepey.1

The good news is that to delay aging on your neck – you simply need to practice the same care you do for your face. Plus, products that specifically target thin, crepey skin, like Beverly Hills MD Crepe Correcting, can really help. After all, your neck is vulnerable to the same signs of aging, like sagging, wrinkles, and discoloration.

1.Don’t Stop at Your Chin

Once you’re done massaging your serum or moisturizing cream on your face, dispense another dab to apply on your neck and décolletage area (above your breasts). You should be able to use a dime or nickel-sized amount to cover this entire region, and using both hands makes it easier and more spa-like.

Tip: Make sure your facial skin care targets collagen production and fights free radical damage with antioxidants, as both factors are essential in fighting the signs of aging.

2. Use Sunscreenpremature aging | Beverly Hills MD

The sun is delightful, but its UV rays are the top trigger of aging signs, including hyperpigmentation. Experts believe that using sunscreen everyday, rain or shine, is your best-ever defense against aging.2

And while it appears as if your neck and décolletage is more hidden from the sun since the area seems to be shaded by your head, it’s definitely taking a hit! Protect this delicate skin with a broad-spectrum sunscreen, especially when you’re outdoors for a prolonged period of time.

3. Get Moving

Exercise is good for just about everything. We know it helps with maintaining a healthy weight, cardiovascular system, and even keeping you in a good mood.

But did you know working out is also known to help defy aging? We’re not talking about warding off age-related diseases either; we’re talking about the visible appearance of skin.

In a study, researchers noted that the subjects who exercised frequently had “healthier stratum corneum, and thicker dermis layers in their skin.”3 Need a translation? That means the surface of your skin that’s visible to the naked eye, as well as the layer underneath that holds all the important proteins like collagen and elastin, are healthier if you work out.

If that isn’t motivation to get running, what is?

4. Take a Supplementpremature aging | Beverly Hills MD

But not just any supplement! Popping a collagen and hyaluronic acid pill can help plump up the skin in the neck and facial areas (which means fine lines are less noticeable). 4

Collagen is the protein in skin that helps keep it structurally and texturally uplifted and youthful. And making sure skin doesn’t deteriorate is a key strategy against wrinkle formation.5 Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally produced by the human body to lubricate various areas, like the joints and eyes, and its decrease is also associated with aging.6

Complement this daily supplement with lots of water and fresh veggies and your neck and décolletage will thank you now – and decades later.

Be Head & Shoulders Above the Rest

Unless you plan to wear a scarf or turtleneck for the rest of your life, it’s essential you nurture and moisturize your neck and décolletage so you can prevent wrinkles here too. After all, as the foundation on which your head rests, it should be strong, solid, and cared for diligently.

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