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A Beauty Industry Lie that 97% of People Believe

The Dark Spot Trick that Got Me Accused of Witchcraft

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Dr. John Layke
Cosmetic Surgeon
Beverly Hills Surgery Group

Dr. John Layke is a practicing plastic surgeon with the Beverly Hills Plastic Surgery Group. He received his training at the Long Island Plastic Surgery Group, the largest and oldest private practice group in America. Dr. Layke is Double Board Certified by the American College of Surgeons in General Surgery and the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

In Today's Free Presentation

My "surgeon’s secret" to diminish your dark spots without surgery, laser, or chemical peels. I’ll also reveal the toxic ingredient still being used in cosmetic products in the USA, though it has already been banned in Europe

Some dark spots are dangerous & require medical attention...and some are just ugly. I'll show you how to spot the difference. Plus, what dark spots really are, how they are formed, and why they are impossible to avoid.

A common "cure" that almost never works, yet it's the first thing most people turn to when they want to get rid of dark spots. In fact, it actually makes your dark spots MORE noticeable.

It IS possible to feel good about your skin again... to look down and see hands free of ugly brown spots... to feel attractive without having to pile on a bunch of make up just to leave the house


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