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Carry an endless supply of mints in your purse? Well, that’s not the only way to deal with bad breath. While it can be embarrassing in social settings and in the workplace, you can quickly reduce foul breath naturally by adding these 4 bad breath remedies to your lunchtime menu and eliminate those unwelcome whiffs.

natural bad breath remedies | Beverly Hills MD

1. Fiber Dense Foods

Fight sticky breath with fresh fruits and vegetables that contain fiber. This nutrient helps to break down plaque and sulphur compounds to clean your mouth after a meal. Foods that contain fiber include: apples, broccoli, carrots, celery, mangos, pears, raspberries and spinach.

2. Vitamin C-Rich Foods

There are billions of bacteria that live in your mouth. A buildup of bacteria can cause bad breath and other dental problems. As an antioxidant, vitamin c works to reduce gum disease, gingivitis and foul breath by inhibiting bacterial growth in the mouth. Foods that contain large amounts of vitamin c include: blueberries, citrus fruits (oranges, grapefruit, lemon and lime), guava, kiwi, strawberries, papaya, leafy green vegetables, peas and yellow bell peppers.

3. Tea

The unique class of antioxidants in some tea varieties called polyphenols are known to prevent plaque from adhering to teeth and reduce the growth of bacteria in the mouth to eliminate bad breath naturally. Teas that contain large amounts of polyphenol antioxidants include: green tea, black tea and white tea.

4. Cinnamon Barknatural bad breath remedies | Beverly Hills MD

This common household spice contains an active compound called cinnamaldehyde. Also found in cinnamon chewing gum, this is what gives cinnamon its warm spicy flavour. Adding the the bark, powder or essential oil to your after-dinner beverages won’t just cover you your bad breath, it reduces the bacteria in your saliva – up to 50%!

Bad breath doesn’t have to stand in the way of talking close to your co-workers. So, go ahead! Enjoy your afternoon meeting, worry free. Just make these 4 natural bad breath remedies your after meal treat.