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Beautiful Brows | Beverly Hills MD
The world is waking up to what Hollywood stars already know: Perfectly groomed, beautiful brows can make all the difference to your face. From Natalie Portman’s natural look to Cara Delevingne’s boyish arches, brows are all the rage.

From a functional standpoint, eyebrows are an important part of your face—whether it’s for facial recognition or for reading emotions.1 If you see furrowed brows, you know you’re in trouble. See them rise together? You know you’ve shocked someone.

But of course, we consciously shape our eyebrows so we can shape our overall appearance, too. Read on to find out how to grow, tease, and tweeze those brows into perfection!

1. Get Those Hormones Checked

There are times when your brows can become sparse. Hormone levels can be to be blame, as can nutritional deficiencies. There are other factors which may contribute to hair loss or thinned brows, including stress, thyroid issues, and some health conditions. 2

If you notice thinner eyebrows, getting a thorough check-up is the best thing you can do – in case there are any physiological factors contributing to hair loss. And there’s good news, even if your eyebrows are thinning. Our lash-enhancing serum is absolutely safe (and amazingly effective) to stimulate hair growth on eyebrows, too.

Beautiful Brows | Beverly Hills MD

2. Pluck One at a Time (Yes, One!)

Because eyebrows comprise a lot less hair than your scalp, even a few hairs will make a huge visible difference in the overall shape. (And it must be underscored: Once you pluck that hair, you can’t put it back!) When tweezing, make sure you grab literally one hair at a time to avoid unnecessarily thinned brows or a less-than-ideal shape. This is very important, as some people report that random brow strands do not grow back.

If you’re concerned about over-plucking, it’s best to let a fresh pair of eyes and hands do the work. You can always dictate how you want the brow shaped, and the desired thickness.

Beautiful Brows | Beverly Hills MD3. Keep Fillers at Hand

Two of the most magical cosmetics tools are the eyebrow pencil and filler. Eyebrow fillers can be in powder or cream form, and they’re available in common eyebrow hair shades such as black, brown, auburn, or blonde. If your arches are looking sparse and just a tad droopy, use a slanted brow brush and gently dip into the brow cake or shadow and start filling in with gentle, short strokes. Alternatively, you can use a precise eyebrow pencil to create the illusion of more hair. Start slow and fill in with very light pressure so that the pencil can meld with your brow hair.

Tip: Use a shade slightly lighter than your brows if you’re looking for a more natural look. Just make sure the hue doesn’t clash with your natural color.

4. Don’t Touch the Top of Your Arches … Unless You’re Certain You Should

General rule of thumb: Leave the top of the brow as it is and focus underneath first. The bottom portion generally has more stray hairs. This area acts as a natural guide to create the arch you want (whether you prefer a straight brow like Jessica Alba or a more curved one like Beyoncé). If for some reason you insist on removing hairs from the top, do so very, very carefully.

5. Moisturize & ProtectBeautiful Brows | Beverly Hills MD

Applying oil directly to hair is known to help promote follicular growth (think: lusher brows). Since your arches are so close to the eyes, use pure formulations from trustworthy, organic sources. Olive and jojoba oils are often considered to possess beneficial properties, as they tend to prevent hair damage caused by the sun, environment, and even cosmetics. 3 Use just a drop or two of any of these oils, gently rubbing and massaging the brows at night. Dab on lightly, as too much pressure might actually lead to tugging the hair out. You can also use a bit of these oils as a styling, leave-in product for the brows – this will make the brow hair look darker and more groomed.

So there you have it! Once you see how your arches can change the structure and look of your face, you’ll quickly learn they can make a huge statement – maybe even more so than a good contour or crimson lipstick!

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